Innovative Single Release

Reducing tire defect rates using silicones reactive single releases






Technical know howTechnical know how

The Release Coating Agent

The most important construction step in tire production is the curing of the assembled tire. Tire curing is performed in a heated press, usually equipped with metallic molds to shape the outside of the tire during vulcanization. Inflatable rubber bladders shape the inside of the tire and press it against the metallic mold.

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Strict specifications for tire release agent

A manufacturer of radial tires for passenger cars asked Elkem Silicones to provide them with a single release agent to cover the entire curing process and a protective bladder coating to ensure tire quality and durable bladder life. The specifications included the following quality and process improvement points:

  • Better tire quality, with the elimination of dirty tires due to mold pollution from heavy amounts of inside paints
  • Reliable release performance to do away with imperfections caused by non-homogeneous release problems
  • Reduced defect rates for improved air evacuation during bladder inflation, bladder centering and release performance
  • Increased bladder life by protecting the bladder against abrasion, sulfur migration and oxidation
  • A decrease in manpower requirements by reducing labor-intensive steps in the production process
  • Lower release agent costs based on the use of less consumables.

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