SILCOLEASEâ UV CATA 221, when properly used is currently permitted for direct and indirect food contact under Sections 21CFR175.320, 21CFR176.170 and 21CFR176.180 of the Federal Resister. A Technical Service Representative should be consulted for information on proper use and curing conditions.

请保存在原装密闭容器中 SILCOLEASE UV CATA 221 的标准有效期是从生产日期起 9个月 请参考包装上的储存建议和失效日期。超期后,埃肯有机硅将不再保证产品符合销售规范。



SILCOLEASE UV CATA 221 UV/EB cationic initiator is a 20% solids solution of diaryl iodonium tetrakis (pentafluoro phenyl) borate salt in reactive diluent providing low toxicity with high reactivity for fast ultraviolet light and electron beam initiated cures at low levels of addition.

When blended with the unique chemistry of our SILCOLEASE UV/EB silicone polymer cure systems, and coated using standard solventless coating techniques, these SILCOLEASE UV CATA 221 UV/EB cationic initiator catalyzed formulations are intended for use as release surfaces on a wide selection of papers and films, and against a wide range of adhesive materials.  Rapid and stable cure with excellent anchorage to paper and film is achieved by simply passing the coating under high-intensity ultraviolet light (medium pressure mercury vapor bulbs) or under electron beam irradiation.

See the "SILCOLEASE UV POLY 200 / SILCOLEASE UV RCA 200 / SILCOLEASE UV RCA 251 / SILCOLEASE UV CATA 221 UV/EB SILICONE CURE SYSTEM" and "SILCOLEASE UV POLY 235 / SILCOLEASE UV CATA 221 UV/EB SILICONE CURE SYSTEM" Technical Data Sheets for a full discussion of Features and Benefits, Formulation Guidelines, Suggested Starting Formulations, and Release Performance.