Polyaddition: BLUESIL™ THIXO ADD 22646 can be added to either component, or to the mixed A+B. Levels at 0.1%, based on weight of A + B, will give a product that will be thickened but retain some level of slump. Levels of 0.5% (based on weight of A + B) will render the product paste-like with no slump.

Polyaddition products that can be used with the BLUESIL™ THIXO ADD 22646 are BLUESIL ™ RTV 1556, BLUESIL™ RTV 1597, BLUESIL™ V 330 and BLUESIL™ V 340.

Polycondensation: BLUESIL™ THIXO ADD 22646 should be added to the mixed A + B at levels of 2 – 3%, based on weight of A + B. The product has been designed to delay the thickening effect for ~ 10 minutes, allowing time for complete degassing of the product while still a flowable consistency. After ~ 10 minutes the product will retain some slump characteristics but is not flowable.

NOTES: For both products, allow the first layer to become tacky, such that a fingerprint is left in the silicone but is not pulled from the substrate prior to applying subsequent coats.

BLUESIL THIXO ADD 22646 储存温度介于 -20°C / -4°F 和 50°C / 122°F 之间时,从生产日期开始产品保质 36 个月



BLUESIL™ THIXO ADD 22646 is a unique liquid additive that can be used with some of the polyaddition and polycondensation cure moldmaking compounds. BLUESIL™ THIXO ADD 22646 is used to impart a non-flowing consistency allowing the compound to be brushed or troweled onto a model ~ changing the rheology from a flowable liquid to a non-slumping paste, while maintaining the excellent rubber properties of the base material.



  • On-site architectural reproductions
  • Glove Molding