BLUESIL ADD 916 is added to HCR’s on a 2-roll mill.
The normal dosage is 0.5 % by weight with respect to the HCR pre-catalysed compound.
Higher doses are not necessary and may even have a detrimental effect on the heat stability of cured compounds.
Comments: BLUESIL ADD 916 tends to make transparent mixtures opaque.
Improving the compression set of MF 135 U and MF 175 U by adding BLUESIL ADD 916:
For example, the table below gives the change in mechanical properties for MF 135 U and MF 175 U with and without the addition of BLUESIL ADD 916.
These properties are obtained after adding 2-4 dichloro benzoyl peroxide with 50 % active ingredients (Peroxide E) and curing for 8 minutes at.


​MF 135 U​100​100​0​0
​MF 175 U​0​0​100​100
​Peroxide E​1.1​1.1​1.25​1.25
​ADD 916​0​0.5​0​0.5

Properties after post-curing for 4 hours at 200 °C

​Shore A hardness​39​39​70​39
Tensile strength MPa​7.1​7.0​9.2​9.5
Elongation at break %​480​470​310​300
Tear strength, kN/m​20​18​21​20
​Resilience, %​51​54​40​41

​Compression set (22 h / 177 °C / 25 %)




BLUESIL ADD 916 储存温度介于 -5°C / 23°F 和 30°C / 86°F 之间时,从生产日期开始产品保质 12 个月



Crumbly, white paste.



BLUESIL ADD 916 is an acid acceptor that improve the compression set of HCR’s cured with 2-4 dichloro benzoyl peroxide (especially for hot air curing), without post-curing.
BLUESIL ADD 916 avoids efflorescence (blooming) of non post-cured, vulcanised compounds.