1.   Mixing of the two components

Add 100 parts of SILBIONE RTV 4310 B to 100 parts of SILBIONE RTV 4310 A. The two components may be mixed either by hand for 30".

2.   Polymerization

At room temperature (23°C) SILBIONE RTV 4310 A&B cures in approx. 5' regardless the thickness of the mould.

Be aware that contact with certain materials can inhibit the curing of this RTV:

  • Latex gloves.
  • Natural rubbers vulcanized with sulphur.
  • Polycondensation RTV catalysed with metal salts.
  • PVC stabilizing agents.
  • Amine cured epoxies.
  • Sulphur containing clays.

If doubts exist it is recommendable to run a quick test with a small quantity of material in order to assess compatibility. Take note that cross contamination due to not well cleaned tools or devices are frequently the main causes of inhibition. The best way is to use only dedicated gear when processing polyaddition RTVs. 

STORAGE t < +40°C IN ITS ORIGINAL PACKStore in a cool, dry place with adequate ventilation. Keep away from incompatible materials, open flames, and high temperatures. Store in tightly closed original container. Suitable containers: polyethylene. Steel drums coated with epoxy-resin.请查阅这个产品的物质安全数据表医疗设备一类;皮肤接触


The SILBIONE RTV 4310 A & B is a two component, silicone elastomer which cures at room temperature by a polyaddition reaction (1:1 ratio).





  • Soft handling material.
  • Good mechanical properties.
  • Low linear shrinkage.
  • No release of toxic substances during and after curing.
  • High resistance to inorganic chemicals and UV rays.


This product is specifically formulated to match the typical requirement in the podiatry sector for making low modulus prostheses.





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