To prevent or correct demixing problem, a mechanical stirring with a dispersor at low speed (<100 rds/mn) has to be used.
BLUESIL RES 8360M is used with the addition of a catalyst to accelerate its polymerisation.

The following catalysts may be used:
· 2,4-dichlorobenzoyl peroxide (at a 50 % dispersion) at a rate of 2 % on the product as supplied.
· BLUESIL SICCATIF 15 at a rate of 0.5 % on the product as supplied.

Both catalysts give good results when curing is carried out for fives minutes at 80°C followed by 5-15 minutes at 200°C.
BLUESIL RES 8360M can be used as supplied or diluted as necessary to the required concentration with an aromatic hydrocarbon (toluene, xylene, etc...).
The resin is supplied by brushing, dipping or knife coating. The deposits obtained are normally from 35 to 250 g/m2 dry (thus giving thicknesses of 0.03 to 0.25 mm) depending on the processing conditions and the envisaged applications.

The bond strengths (1) obtained vary depending on the thickness of the deposit and the type of catalyst. Bond strengths are normally between 200 and 800 g/cm.
(1) The force in grams necessary to separate an adhesive tape (width 1 cm) from a sheet of chromed brass.

从生产日期开始产品BLUESIL RES 8360M保质 18个月请查看安全数据表欧盟《电气、电子设备中限制使用某些有害物质指令》;欧盟《报废电子电气设备指令》


BLUESIL RES 8360M is a methyl silicone resin supplied as a solution in toluene and intended for the manufacture of flexible insulants.





BLUESIL RES 8360M offers the following advantages:

  • Maintain its adhesive qualities and flexibility over a wide range of temperatures,
  • Good ageing properties and resistance to water and humidity,
  • Good dielectric properties.


The adhesive properties of BLUESIL RES 8360M offer great benefits for the manufacture of:

  • Tapes and coated fabrics based on composites of glass/mica or glass/paper/mica,
  • Pressure sensitive adhesives for glass cloths, glass/mica/silicone tapes, polyester, etc...






粘度2400MonocompASTM D 2196mPa.s