1. Mixing of the two components
It is advised to remix both base and catalyst before mixing them together.
To 100 parts of BLUESIL RTV 3245 add 2 parts of BLUESIL CATA C.
The two components are thoroughly mixed either using an electrical or pneumatic mixer on a low speed setting so as to limit the inclusion of air in the mixture as well as temperature rise.
2. Degassing
Due to the short pot life of catalysed mixtures, it is not recommended to degas the product. Consequently care must be taken not to introduce air bubbles when the RTV is mixed.
3. Polymerization
The best curing conditions are at and 50% relative humidity. The use of products at higher temperatures and/or relative humidity levels will reduce the pot life and increase the setting rate. As opposed to this, lower temperatures and relative humidity levels will increase the pot life and decrease the setting time. It is recommended not to use the product at temperatures below under these conditions, the final product performance levels will be difficult to achieve.
At and 50% relative humidity, the membranes can be demolded after 8 hours. In order to achieve the best possible performance levels from the membranes, it is preferable to wait for 24 hours before using them. The definitive properties will be acquired after 3-4 days.

STORAGE t < +40°C IN ITS ORIGINAL PACKNo special storage precautions noted. Material is stable under normal conditions. Avoid contact with oxidizing agents. Suitable containers: polyethylene. Plastic lined steel drum.请查阅这个产品的物质安全数据表欧盟《电气、电子设备中限制使用某些有害物质指令》;欧盟《报废电子电气设备指令》


BLUESIL RTV 3245 is is a silicone elastomer which, after the addition of BLUESIL CATA C cures at room temperature and leads to a flexible and elastic material.




  • Simple to process.
  • Room temperature curing.
  • Good dielectric properties.

  • Encapsulation or potting of protection of electronic modules or assemblies.
  • Molding of simple-shaped parts.





粘度16000PairedCompRH 0174mPa.s










hardness_cd523e03-72a3-4261-93f9-36f7bbeeafb1hardness_cd523e03-72a3-4261-93f9-36f7bbeeafb1硬度44PairedMixRH 0149邵氏A
pot-life_0d649a54-7503-4c7c-a047-9d0c4b3e9f6apot-life_0d649a54-7503-4c7c-a047-9d0c4b3e9f6a适用期20PairedMixRH 0114min





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