BLUESIL TFC 5 is added to HCR's on a mill.
A dose of 0.6 % by weight relative to the HCR master batch gives a very distinct imement in the silicone elastomer heat stability up to a temperature .

In transparent HCR blends, BLUESIL TFC 5 causes slight yellowing of the elastomer, but still keeping a good level of transparency.

请保存在原装密闭容器中 BLUESIL TFC 5 的标准有效期是从生产日期起 18个月 请参考包装上的储存建议和失效日期。超期后,埃肯有机硅将不再保证产品符合销售规范。



BLUESIL TFC 5 is an orange-coloured paste.
BLUESIL TFC 5 is a heat stability additive that is particularly effective for heat curing silicone elastomers It enables protection of cured elastomers up to maintaining a good level of transparency in the finished rubber parts. In addition, BLUESIL TFC 5's formulation is particularly suited to food contact applications requiring high thermal protection in conformity with applicable regulations: 

In European Union countries:

  • European Parliament and Council regulation 1935/2004/CE dated 27 October 2004 concerning objects and materials intended to come into contact with food,
  • European council resolution AP 2004-5 concerning Silicones used in food contact applications.

By the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) :
  • Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 21 – Part 177.2600 : Rubber articles intended for repeated use

(Reminder: It is up to the party in charge of processing the product and other ingredients required to produce a silicone elastomer to ensure that the latter are in conformity with current practices and that they produce materials and objects that meet the requirements of the above mentioned regulations, especially in terms of total migration. In addition, it is up to the end manufacturer to check the mutual compatibility of the materials and the foods that come in contact with them, particularly in terms of any modification in the latter's organoleptic characteristics).






BLUESIL TFC 5 is particularly recommended for food contact applications requiring thermal protection while keeping a good level of transparency.