Producing glass fibre laminates:
BLUESIL RES 8170P must be used with the addition of a catalyst to accelerate the polymerisation:

  • 1 to 2 ml of BLUESIL SICCATIF 15 for of resin as delivered
  • 1 to 2 ml of Zinc Octoate for of resin as delivered

Remark: When producing thick section parts (> ) the two catalysts can be mixed to avoid risks of cracking.

For information purposes, good results are obtained using the following processing procedure and conditions:
Dilute the catalysed BLUESIL RES 8170P with an aromatic hydrocarbon solvent, so as to obtain a retention rate of approx. 45 to 58 % (expressed in terms of dry matter relative to the fabric) after full immersion in an impregnation bath;

  • Evaporate the solvents and precure by heating for 10 minutes at around 100/115°C.
  • Bind impregnated matter at a pressure of 5,000 to 8,000 kPa for 3 hours at a temperature of 170/180 °C.
  • Demould after cooling.
  • Post cure the laminates in an oven, heated gradually from 100 to (rising by an hour) then maintain at for 12 hours.

If no oven post-curing is performed, keep in the heated press for one hour (instead of 3 hours) at 170/180 °C, then raise the temperature to and maintain at pressure for 6 hours. Demould when cold.


BLUESIL RES 8170P 储存温度介于 -20°C / -4°F 和 30°C / 86°F 之间时,从生产日期开始产品保质 18 个月



BLUESIL RES 8170P is a methyl-phenyl silicone resin in a 70 % toluene solution.



BLUESIL RES 8170P is used to manufacture rigid insulators in the high pressure process: laminates based on glass fabric, mica (mica paper), mica/glass composite fabric and asbestos. It offers outstanding mechanical properties.