This cationic photoinitiator is particularly recommended for use at doses less than 1%, combined with a photosensitiser, e.g. of isopropyl thioxanthone type, for the formulation of inks, pigmented coatings or varnishes applied in thicknesses of greater than 10 microns. It can also be used for the formulation of photopolymers intended for use in applications such as electronics (photoresists, etc.) the graphic arts (printing plates, etc.) composite materials, fibre optics coatings, etc.

Material is stable under normal conditions. Store in a cool, dry place with adequate ventilation. Keep away from incompatible materials, open flames, and high temperatures. Keep containers tightly closed. Protect against direct sunlight. Protect from light. Avoid contact with oxidizing agents. For further information, refer to Section 10: "Stability and Reactivity". Suitable containers: polyethylene.请查阅这个产品的物质安全数据表重金属;欧盟《电气、电子设备中限制使用某些有害物质指令》


  • Formula : C40H18BF20I
  • CAS registered number : 178233-72-2
  • Molecular weight : 1015.7 g
  • BLUESIL PI 2074 is a cationic photoinitiator for use with epoxy resins, vinyl ethers or any other type of oligomer which polymerises cationically. It is also suited to the formulation of hybrid radical / cationic systems.








活性物含量< 0.5Monocomp%
外观In specificationMonocomp