Processing is performed easily in a horizontally rotating drum, proceeding in the following manner (for information purposes only):

  • Dust removal from the corks by tumbling for around 10 minutes dust is extracted.
  • Adding of SILBIONE CAF 72589 (manually or sprayed).
  • Dosage (for information purposes): 180 g to 270 g for 10000 corks sized 48x30.5 (agglomerated cork).
  • Tumble in the drum for 20 minutes. It is recommended to work in a workshop at a room temperature of 20-25 °C and a relative humidity of around 50%.
  • Air drying or storage in perforated plastic bags.
  • Conditioning for at least 24 hours before delivering.

If the corks have been subjected to a prior treatment to lubrication (for example bleaching, tinting, waxing, …), the user must ensure that there is no incompatibility between residues of this prior treatment and the SILBIONE CAF 72589, which could cause problems of adhesion or lubrication.


从生产日期开始产品SILBIONE CAF 72589保质 18个月请查看安全数据表软木塞;欧盟食品接触材料法规;重金属


SILBIONE CAF 72589 is a one component silicone elastomer, curing at room temperature on contact with atmospheric humidity, used to treat natural or agglomerated bottle corks.
SILBIONE CAF 72589 is a solventless product based on reactive polymethyl siloxane oils and inert fillers. It can be used as a release coating for materials intended for food contact.






  • Specially designed formulation to give very thin layer coatings without dilution.
  • Does not contain solvents.
  • Easy to process.
  • May be sprayed on.
  • Very good lubrication of corks.
  • Excellent liquid-tightness after corking
  • Does not alter the organoleptic properties of liquids with which it comes into contact.
  • Harmless to the organism.






延伸率220MonocompNF ISO 37%
颜色Translucent, colourlessMonocomp
硬度> 12MonocompISO 868邵氏A
抗拉强度> 0.5MonocompNF ISO 37MPa
粘度7000MonocompNF T 76102mPa.s