Remix each of the 2 components (base and catalyst) every time before using.
1. Mixing of the two components
To 100 parts of BLUESIL RTV V-1065 S add 10 parts of BLUESIL CATA HI PRO GREEN.
The two components are thoroughly mixed either by hand or using an electrical or pneumatic mixer, on a low speed setting so as to limit the inclusion of air in the mixture as well as the temperature rise.
2. Degassing
The mixture is degassed under a vacuum of 30 to 50 mbar. The product will expand under the action of the vacuum to between 3 and 4 times its initial volume and bubbles form on its surface. These bubbles will disappear gradually and the mixture will sink back down to its initial volume within 5 to 10 minutes. Releasing the vacuum once or twice during the operation will improve and facilitate gas removal.
Remark: release the vacuum several times improves the degassing. For easier degassing only fill a recipient to 1/3 of its height.
3. Cross linking
The best curing conditions are at 23?C and 50 % relative humidity. The use of the products at higher temperatures and / or relative humidity levels will reduce the pot life and increase the setting rate. However, the temperature must not exceed 50?C beyond this temperature there is risk of the product reverting. As opposed to this, lower temperatures and relative humidity levels will increase the pot life and decrease the setting rate. It is recommended not to use the product at temperatures below 20?C under these conditions, the final product performance levels will be difficult to achieve.

At 23 ?C and 50 % relative humidity, the membranes can be demoulded after 16 h-24 h. In order to achieve the best possible performance levels from the membranes, it is preferable to wait for 24 h before using them. The definitive properties will be acquired after 3-7 days.
The recipient containing the catalyst must be carefully closed after use air moisture causes a reduction in its reactivity over time.

BLUESIL V-1065 S 储存温度要低于 40 °C/ 104 °F ,从生产日期开始产品保质 18个月请查看安全数据表


BLUESIL RTV V-1065 S is a two component silicone elastomer which, after the addition of catalyst BLUESIL CATA HI-PRO GREEN, cures at room temperature by a polycondensation reaction. It is designed as a 25 Shore A providing excellent physical properties.




  • Flexible - good dimensional stability.
  • High Elongation and Tear Strength.
  • Colour contrast to visually ensure thorough mixing.
  • Excellent for use with polyester resins.
  • Low density.
  • Polyvalent material.

  • Figurine and giftware casting using polyurethane, polyester, plaster and gypsum cements.
  • Moulding of complex parts with deep undercuts and fine details.
  • Building: prefabrication of decorative features.





撕裂强度22.7MonocompASTM D 412KN/m
适用期270MonocompASTM D 412min