​MIRASIL® C-DMX 12 is generally used in combination with other ingredients to form beauty care products, either anhydrous formulations or emulsions.

Formulation guide:

Multipurpose Cream with MIRASIL® C-DMX 12       

Nourishing Skin Serum with MIRASIL® C-DMX 12

MIRASIL C-DMX 12 may be stored at a temperature between -20 °C/ -4 °F and 50 °C/ 122 °F for up to 24 months from its date of manufacturing.Please consult the Safety Data Sheet of this product.


​MIRASIL® C-DMX 12 silicone gel is a skin care emollient that enhances light and nourishing skin feel to anti-aging, moisturizers and color cosmetics. It consists of ~12% Dimethicone Crosspolymer dispersed in Cyclopentasiloxane. This silicone combination provides an instantly perceived sensory with subsequent optical effect. Once applied, MIRASIL® C-DMX 12 silicone gel glides easily on skin and dries down to a uniform powdery finish. These powders reflect and scatter light, thus masking uneven skin, fine lines and wrinkles with slight sebum absorption power. Additionally MIRASIL® C-DMX 12 silicone gel offers hair protection from dry combing damage, flyaway and frizz in styling products and intensive treatments. A variety of silicones, MIRASIL® ADMH 395 or MIRASIL® ADMH B 100, may be added to this silicone gel to increase color protection and thermal protection in leave-on conditioners.


Softness;Slip;Water Repellency

Branched Polymer


  • Delivers light weight nourishing feel

  • Increases skin softness

  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Provides texture in water in silicone emulsion

  • Reduces dry combing damage and frizz

  • ​Primers

  • Concealers

  • Foundations

  • BB creams

  • Lipsticks and glosses

  • Face and body moisturizers

  • Anti-aging products

  • Sun-care products

  • Thermal protection products

  • Anhydrous cuticle coat or hair serums

North America;Central and South America;Europe Middle East Africa;Asia Pacific




Viscosity415 000MonocompcP
Dry content12Monocomp%
AppearanceClear to translucent gelMonocomp















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