Some fillers may settle during transport and storage. To ensure a uniform mix, the components should be re homogenized prior to use.

In case of hand mixing, degas the mix under vacuum 3-5 kPa before processing the product. Use preferably static mixing equipment to prevent bubbles and voids formation.

Low add-on weights (20 to 50 g/m²) can be achieved with typical knife coating processes, and material can sustain high coating speeds (20 –60 m/min). BLUESIL TCS 7537 is also suitable for laminating and transfer coating processes.

BLUESIL TCS 7537 can be further additivated with pigments and fillers, please contact Bluestar Silicones’technical support for more information.

Adhesion to substrate will depend upon the curing conditions. A preliminary test is recommended to determine optimum cure conditions, and a temperature ramp-up in industrial ovens is always preferred to avoid bubbles and ensure best adhesion.

Curing inhibition may occur in contact with certain materials containing tin salts, amines or sulphur. A preliminary test is always recommended.

After use, packaging must be tightly closed and protected against moisture contamination to preserve its properties. When packaging has been opened, material should be used rapidly.






BLUESIL TCS 7537 B RED may be stored for up to 6 months from its date of manufacturing.Please consult the Safety Data Sheet of this product.ELV;RoHS;WEEE


BLUESIL TCS 7537 A is a two-component heat curing liquid silicone elastomer which, after mixing with catalysts BLUESIL TCS 7537 B or catalyst BLUESIL TCS 7603 C, cures by a polyaddition reaction. All products from the Textile Coating System product line are specially engineered for textile coating applications.

Coating;Fabric Coating;Fire Protection;High Temperature Protection;Hydrophobing;Protection;UV resistant;Water Repellency

2 Part RTV

Liquid Silicone Rubber


  • High bond strength without primer on polyamide, polyester, aramids, glass fibers etc...

  • Excellent adhesion over time on difficult substrates, such as unscoured textiles.

  • Versatility in coat weights processing.

  • Low viscosity and easily pumpable to sustain high coating speed.

  • Solventless technology.

  • Fast cure at elevated temperature.

  • Provides high tear strength and edge comb resistance to the coated fabric.

  • Excellent aging resistance.

Coating of airbag fabrics, technical fabrics for insulation, safety & protective.

Asia Pacific;Europe Middle East Africa;Central and South America




Viscosity42000PairedCompNF T 76102mPa.s




Viscosity38.000PairedCompNF T 76102mPa.s






hardness_cd523e03-72a3-4261-93f9-36f7bbeeafb1hardness_cd523e03-72a3-4261-93f9-36f7bbeeafb1Hardness33PairedMixISO 868sh.A
mixing-ratio_077a2140-d40f-417b-aabd-72cf5f465af3mixing-ratio_077a2140-d40f-417b-aabd-72cf5f465af3Mixing ratio10:1PairedMix
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Airbag Silicones Silicones




20 years of research and development for your safety !!.aspx20 years of research and development for your safety !
Silicones and the History of Airbags and the History of Airbags
20 years of airbag developments, fueled by passion years of airbag developments, fueled by passion









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Keep performance in check performance in check








BLUESIL TCS 7537 ABLUESIL TCS 7537 A/our_offer/Product/90054233/90058815/BLUESIL-TCS-7537-A