When preparing the coating bath, careful consideration must be given to the order of addition to prevent premature curing. The Silcolease Poly 357 and Silcolease Poly 11367 polymers are first blended together followed by addition of the crosslinker which must be thoroughly mixed prior to addition of the catalyst. The platinum catalyst is then added slowly with agitation. Coating may be applied by any suitable method to provide a uniform and precise deposition. Typical methods include direct and offset gravure and multi-roll coating techniques. Thermal cure is necessary; high efficiency forced air ovens are recommended for most effective cure performance.

SILCOLEASE POLY 357 may be stored for up to 24 months from its date of manufacturing.Please consult the Safety Data Sheet of this product.


Silcolease Poly 357 is a vinyl functional silicone polymer which when properly formulated and cured produces a crosslinked coating with adhesive release properties.

As part of the Optima system, Silcolease Poly 357 is designed for formulating flexibility to allow reductions in Pt catalyst and more cost effective process conditions.

Blending Silcolease Poly 357 with Silcolease Poly 11367 provides the means to produce optimized coatings to meet a wide variety of application requirements. To complete the Optima coating system, a hydride functional siloxane crosslinker and platinum catalyst are added to the polymer to facilitate the curing reaction.


Vinyl Functional Fluid


  • Excellent cure at reduced catalyst levels

  • Fast cure at reduced temperature for thermally sensitive substrates

  • Good cure at increased line speed

  • Excellent coverage at low coat weight

  • Anchorage to paper substrates

  • Wide range of release levels possible with addition of release modifiers

  • Excellent bath stability

  • Premium release over a wide range of stripping speeds

Europe Middle East Africa;North America




AppearanceClear, nearly colorless liquidMonocomp