BLUESIL RES 991 is delivered at a concentration and viscosity that are best suited to a dipping operation. Generally used as delivered, the resin may nonetheless be diluted for special applications using solvents such as xylene, toluene, chlorinated solvents, ketones and esters.
Once diluted, BLUESIL RES 991 can be applied using a brush or by spraying
At ambient temperature, BLUESIL RES 991 dries in air within 4 to 12 hours. This drying time can be reduced by placing the products in a fan-assisted drying oven at moderate temperature or by passing them under an infra-red rack.
For best results, it is recommended to apply the resin to parts or surfaces that are scrupulously clean and dry. It is particularly advised to remove any traces of grease or organic substances.
BLUESIL RES 991 cannot be applied to parts or materials that are attacked by xylene, a solvent that is included in this varnish’s composition.

BLUESIL RES 991 may be stored at temperatures between 2°C / 36°F and 30°C / 86°F for up to 12 months from its date of manufacturing.Please consult the Safety Data Sheet of this product.ELV;RoHS;VOC;WEEE


BLUESIL RES 991 is a combination of a methylphenyl silicone resin and an acrylic resin.






BLUESIL RES 991 is particularly easy to use it is used as delivered or diluted without the addition of catalyst and without the need for high temperature polymerisation, drying being all that is required.
When used to protect integrated circuits, this resin also has the advantage of being destroyed on contact of the soldering iron. This feature enables quick and trouble-free work to be carried out (no prior cleaning) on protected circuits that are already in service.

BLUESIL RES 991 is a silicone varnish offering significant increases in surface resistivity of insulating materials or electrical equipment such as printed circuits, electronic assemblies, etc. that are intended for use in very humid atmospheres and that are unable to be treated at high temperature.

Asia Pacific;Europe Middle East Africa;Central and South America;North America




Dry content50MonocompASTM D 5095%
Viscosity175MonocompNF T 76102mm2/s
Specific Gravity1.03Monocomp