SILCOLEASE XL 97 A is used as a crosslinker for the bath preparation of solventless SILCOLEASE systems in the proportion of 2 to 10 parts for 100 parts of polymer. It is always used with an appropriate catalyst from the SILCOLEASE range of products.
Warning: SILCOLEASE CROSSLINKER and SILCOLEASE CATALYST may react violently together and therefore must not be blended together separately from the other components of the system.

SILCOLEASE XL 97 A may be stored at a temperature between -20 °C/ -4 °F and 30 °C/ 86 °F for up to 18 months from its date of manufacturing.Please consult the Safety Data Sheet of this product.Food Contact;Heavy Metals


SILCOLEASE XL 97 A is a silicone polymer based reactive compound. It is used as a crosslinker in the solventless polyaddition SILCOLEASE systems.


SiH Fluid


Food Contact;Heavy Metals

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SiH content37.8Monocomp%