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Ensuring Health and Safety is an absolute priority in our QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety, Environment) management policy.

​Health and Safety Come First

Commitment to health and safety involves all of our stakeholders. This process begins with the company's executive team, managers and employees, and beyond to our suppliers, customers, outside contractors and the communities where we work. We have implemented comprehensive QHSE guidelines throughout the company. We closely monitor that they are properly applied and we improve our practices through structured plans/processes that are established and updated after the yearly performance review.


Safety Begins at the Workplace

Our QHSE goals include:

  • Preventing injuries and reducing risk at the workplace as well as in transport operations   

  • Avoiding damage to employees and local residents concerning health and hygiene

  • Ensuring the safety of all our processes and products 

  • Continuous improvement for the environment

  • Complying with laws, standards and procedures


To achieve these goals, all our facilities are periodically inspected, often with the participation of independent assessors, to make sure that guidelines are in fact being applied and to identify actions that may be required to reduce risks and change people's behavior.

For example, in all workshops and laboratories where people handle chemical agents, there are notices posted to warn hazards and possible risks to remind people of the rules they must respect.

We have also launched our Shared Vigilance Program, in which all employees are responsible for their own behavior and are asked to report on any improper practices or behavior that might harm people or the environment.


Safety Continues With our Customers

In addition, we have developed a proactive risk management system with our customers for all products containing SiH units, thereby limiting the risk of improper handling or use. Although no human activity or any set of guidelines can guarantee absolute safety, we are doing our best to work toward and achieve a zero accident performance level while also improving the work conditions throughout our global network. One thing is certain, we never compromise on Safety or people's health.

This entire process is part of our quality system management described in the global quality manual and declined in all production plants and research center which are periodically audited by external assessors according to the ISO certifications. Our sites are certified ISO 9001.