Sustainable DevelopmentSustainable Development

​Ensuring quality is fundamental in our Sustainable Development policy.

​Quality Products for Quality of Life

In this spirit, we strive to delight our customers by continuously improving the quality of our products, services and processes. By doing this, we hope to contribute to their own sustainability and to the quality of life of their customers and end users.


Customer Focus, Naturally

Simply put, quality for us begins by providing our customers with the products and services they expect, on time and at the agreed cost. Customer satisfaction is therefore our number one indicator to measure quality performance.

To achieve this goal, we have implemented the Elkem Business System, to drive the behavior of our employees so that quality becomes a natural reflex. People at all levels and in all areas of our company are empowered and responsible for the quality they deliver to their customers.


Delivering on Our Promises

The first stage in achieving customer satisfaction is to listen carefully to what our customers have to say about their needs and expectations. In a fast-changing world, their voice is our best guide to improve quality. But listening isn't enough, what counts is delivering on our promises. This is why we have implemented a Lean Management system based on the PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) process.

Throughout all level of the company, when it comes to delivering our promises, we deploy principle based on team work and value chain such as "do not receive, do not create, do not transfer defective items to the next step".


Eyes for Flow, Eyes for Waste

LEAN management also involves eliminating waste, an important part of our quality practices with a direct link to Sustainable Development. We constantly monitor all types of waste in our daily work, so that we improve production processes, shorten transportation circuits, reduce inventory and eliminate defective goods.  We know that waste can increase cost and reduce our service level to customers and so it's also a key competitive factor for us.

In short, every day we listen to our customers, we try and continuously improve our processes and we find ways to eliminate waste. As a result, Sustainable Development becomes a living reality, a source of pride and an integral part of our business system and culture.

This continual improvement loop is grasped by our Quality Management System with foundation in the ISO 9001 standard, enhanced with specific market requirements such as pharmaceutical, medical device, automotive and/or specific product accreditation. Our ISO certification covers Elkem Silicones World Wide facilities, supporting our global processes from listening, designing, manufacturing, delivering goods and services to our customer to get their satisfaction.