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Sustainable DevelopmentSustainable Development

We take Sustainable Development seriously in every aspect of our activities.

​Our Commitment to Sustainable Development

​Our commitment begins with the quality silicone products we make, which reduce greenhouse gasses and provide people with innovative products that improve their quality of life.

This commitment is also applied to our production processes, with our HSQE (Health, Safety, Quality, Environment) policies that provide proper and safe working conditions for our employees as well as respecting the environment.

They are extended outside our company to our suppliers, customers and partners with whom we collaborate to improve quality and sustainability. In other words, our commitment is an integral part of our business process and an attitude we encourage and develop on a daily basis.


Commitment Begins With Our Products

Our silicone products enable a significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and, since the supply of silicon metal is limited, we are constantly optimizing our processes and designing new products that have a greater life cycle and a higher recyclability. We have also launched a complete range of new solventless silicone technologies and we have greatly developed our waste recovery capabilities. In addition we have developed our energy efficiency in our manufacturing and delivery processes.


Commitment Continues With Our Employees

For Elkem Silicones, employees are our most valuable assets therefore, we have developed a worldwide program to give a great place to work. This program empowers our employees to achieve their potential, improve working conditions and share best practices globally. To drive this program, we offer a wide range of internal and external training programs every year.

Our HSQE policies extend our commitment to health and safety which involve all our stakeholders, including our suppliers, customers, outside contractors and local communities. We have comprehensive safety guidelines throughout the company, which we constantly monitor and improve.

Our Shared Vigilance Program, encourages employees to be responsible for their own behavior and to report on any improper practices or behavior. This is part of our general compliance policy, based on our core values such as transparency, responsibility, honesty and integrity.


Commitment is Focused on Customers and End Users

Quality is fundamental in our Sustainable Development policy. In this spirit, we strive to delight our customers by continuously improving the quality of our products, services and processes. We care about our customers and our goal is to delight them in all that we do. We listen to them and work hard to create and deliver the best solutions that fulfill their expectations and provide end users with quality products at an affordable price.

Worldwide, we apply a strict set of business ethics in all our governance policies, complying with local laws and regulations to ensure fairness and integrity. We respect free competition and fair trade, where our employees do not accept gifts or other special privileges beyond the common courtesy associated with normal business practices.


Commitment Also Involves Our Children

Elkem Silicones also cares about its employees' children. Since 1990, Elkem Group has started to organize an annual Elkem Summer Camp in China. In 2009, we launched the Elkem International Summer Camp, which was extended to the children of overseas subsidiaries. The theme of this camp is "Elkem, our common home", enabling young people from all over the world to meet each other, understand other cultures and broaden their horizons. This endeavor symbolizes our commitment to share our values with the next generation.