Sustainable DevelopmentSustainable Development

At Elkem Silicones, environmental respect is part of our business process.

Environmental Respect From Start to Finish

​At Elkem Silicones, environmental respect is part of our business process. For example, our silicone and silane products enable a significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, with a carbon footprint on average of nine times greater than the production and end-of-life treatment for these products. The production of silicone-based products is therefore the starting point of our responsibility to the environment.


Less is More

We know that the supply of silicon metal, the raw material for silicone applications, is limited on our planet. That's why we are constantly optimizing our processes and exploring new technologies to reduce the amount of raw materials that we use. Environmental impact is also integrated into our new products from the design stage on, to extend the life cycle and recyclability of our products. In order to pollute less when we manufacture our products, we have launched a complete range of new solventless silicone technologies over the last few years and we have greatly developed our waste recovery capabilities. We are also working to maximize the energy efficiency in our manufacturing and delivery processes.


Listening Closely

Last, but not least, we work closely with the people and local authorities in the communities where we have industrial or logistical activities to achieve the best balance between economic and environmental considerations. We listen to them in the same way we listen to our customers, in particular when it comes to the environment.