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UV Cure Release Coatings

Elkem Silicones has offered Silcolease® release coatings for more than 30 years

UV Silicone Technical Challenges

UV free radical technology is widely used for odorless applications, but requires more complex and expensive equipment than UV cationic technology. Low-odor UV cationic based on antimony (Sb) photoinitiator is the alternative to free radical technology, but its ecotoxicity characteristics restrict its use.

Traditional iodonium photoinitiator-based UV cationic is a safer alternative to Sb photoinitiator, but it generates strong odor. This limits its use in hygiene, food packaging, medical and other critical applications.

The challenge for UV Cure Release Coatings is to propose a safe and low-to-no odor UV cationic photoinitiator as a real alternative to free radical technology, especially for hygiene and food packaging industries where harmless and low migration substances are mandatory.