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Novart S

Bluesil® Novart S is an efficient silicone sanitary sealant offering adhesion on all surfaces, safe biocidal action and low yellowing.

​The Challenge

Consumers have to make a choice between a wide range of sanitary sealants on the market. They are looking for products that essentially have three key features: proper adhesion and sealing performance on all surfaces, safe and efficient biocidal action, and long-term resistance to yellowing. The problem with many traditional sealants, initially designed for use on ceramic surfaces, is that they are often not suitable for modern bathroom equipment, made with a wide variety of new materials. To add to the problem, those sealants that do adhere to synthetic substrates either contain hazardous CMR (Carcinogenic, Mutagenic and Reprotoxic) substances, lack biocidal efficiency or tend to yellow over time. To deal with these issues and as part of its commitment to sustainable development, Elkem Silicones took up the challenge of developing formulations for sanitary joint sealants that offer the best characteristics in terms of adhesion, consumer safety, durability and esthetics.