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Elkem Silicones to Demonstrate Next Generation of LSR



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Elkem Silicones will host live demonstrations of the next generation of liquid silicone rubber (LSR), LSR SELECT™, at the upcoming Medical Design and Manufacturing West, February 5 to 7, in Anaheim at booth 1854.

LSR SELECT™ is a patented, advanced system of LSR materials that offers multiple capabilities all in one solution.  This proven system gives the user control to optimize cure kinetics resulting in improved productivity and flexibility to achieve precise results.

In addition to controlling the part cure profile, LSR SELECT™ enables users to create custom durometer blends from 20 to 70 ShA to achieve precise performance requirements.

Another key feature of LSR SELECT™ is that it can achieve cure at low temperatures, as low as 80°C and possibly lower, which can expand the range of applications and substrates for injection molding.

Silbione® grade LSR SELECT™ is available for healthcare and medical applications less than 30 days in the body, backed by the Silbione® brand including clean manufacturing and biocompatibility support.

"Now, with LSR SELECT™, customers can achieve much more out of their silicone and even differentiate their offering…from productivity improvements in the range of 20 to 40 percent, to blending durometers for precise results, to low temperature cure for sensitive substrates," said Chris York, president Elkem Silicones USA.  "Customers now can have all this with greater control over their process to achieve precision results and traceability for peace of mind."

Elkem Silicones will demonstrate each of these features of LSR SELECT™ during MD&M West at booth 1854 with productivity and durometer blending on Tuesday and Thursday, February 5 and 7, and low temperature cure on Wednesday, February 6. 

In addition to LSR SELECT™, Elkem Silicones will showcase its full range of advanced Silbione® silicone materials for medical and implant applications at booth 2239.

For more information, call (866) 474-6342 or visit https://resources.silicones.elkem.com/elkem-silicones-mdm-west-2019.


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