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New SDS creation system



CertificationCertificationhttps://silicones.elkem.com/EN/company/Pages/New-SDS-creation-system-w.aspx2017-11-15T12:11:59ZEileen Jiang

HSE product management

As a Bluestar Silicones customer, we would like to give you advance notification of an important issue in the area of HSE product management.

As part of the global GHS implementation and the evolution of each country’s chemical management regulations in Asia, BSI is currently upgrading its Asia SDS (Safety Data Sheet) and label management system.

This system upgrading has no impact on the hazard classification of our products but regards the format of our SDS and labels to be more friendly to the user.

The new safety data sheet you will receive cancels and replaces all the previous versions in your possession. The SDS updating is following the order sequence also considering the product property, which has been defined with our business team.

With the system upgrading, we will be able to generate the country SDS and label in local language following the local GHS rules when it is finally ready in place. The realization will start with the products newly produced starting on and after Feb 6th, 2017 in shanghai for China rules, labels will not be changed for the stocks since it is still valid in compliance aspect. The other Asia part like Korea, Japan, South East Asian countries or entities will be implemented in roll following the business progress and regulations development.

The information contained in our SDSs is based upon our current knowledge of the product and the applicable legal and regulatory requirements of which we are aware.

The provision of this SDS in no way eliminates your responsibility to seek information from various official sources in order to understand all the legal obligations to which you are bound.

In your day-to-day work, you will soon receive the updated SDS generated from SAP through the email address you have provided to our business team; also, these changes will modify SDS searches on the Intranet. You will be able to search SDS by country along with the project scheduling. Also, following the new SDS creation system, you will read some format modification in the products label as well.

Internally, business people will receive a communication and an explanatory booklet informing them in detail of all changes to help them meet customer needs.

Externally, Bluestar Silicones customers will receive a letter by the middle of October informing them of these changes via the sales network. At the same time, a communication on the BSI website will inform customers and prospects.