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Elkem shows during CIIE expo its contribution to a better life



PublicationPublicationhttps://silicones.elkem.com/EN/company/Pages/Elkem-shows-during-CIIE-expo-its-contribution-to-a-better-life.aspx2019-11-03T19:46:57ZEileen JIang

Elkem will share its innovative silicones technology at the 2nd China International Import Expo.

Elkem will share its innovative silicones technology at the 2nd China International Import Expo. CIIE is the world's first national-level import exposition and will attract more than 3,600 companies and attendees from 172 countries, regions and international organizations. From November 6th to 10th, come and meet our experts on Booth 3C7-003 Hall 3.

China is currently the largest contributor to global economic growth. It is within this context that the second China International Import Expo will be held from November 6 to 10, 2019. Elkem Silicones, the world's leading manufacturer of silicone solutions, will showcase its sustainability-oriented products, technologies and solutions at the show.

Silicones are widely used in various markets and applications, and are very important and necessary in innovation for worldwide industries, improving the quality of human life and the development of new technologies. During the CIIE expo, Elkem Silicones will focus on 4 main domains of applications in order to demonstrate its ability to contribute to a better life.

Additive manufacturing, a disruptive innovation for future digital factories

Elkem will demonstrate the process of using silicone materials for 3D printing. Silicones is an elastomer material with outstanding advantages with many applications for medical, aerospace and automotive, construction, intelligent robots and other fields. As one of the first silicones companies to enter the 3D printing market, Elkem Silicones has established three 3D printing labs in the US, France and China to provide users fast, flexible and customized solutions.

New Energy Vehicle

Elkem Silicones will also exhibit high-tech applications of its silicone products in the fields of new energy vehicles. Demand for hybrid and electric vehicles (H&EV) has grown exponentially, with production doubling every year. With the development of electronic and automotive battery technology and the growing demand for clean energy vehicles, experts even have greater expectations for H&EV.

As China is the world's largest consumer of electric vehicles, Elkem Silicones has been investing a lot in China's new energy vehicle market, working with experts around the world to develop solutions for local markets and technologies. During CIIE expo, Elkem Silicones will focus on battery pack, sealing materials, battery thermal management and Bluesil™ silicones cables with excellent flame retardancy and insulation.

Life Science

With the global aging of the population, the demand for medical materials is rising. Silicones from Elkem Silicones are well recognized for their biocompatibility, safety and reliability. Products from Elkem's Silbione™ brand are manufactured in a highly controlled environment and are widely used in wound care, long-term or short-term implants and post-operative rehabilitation. Elkem Silicones provides solid regulatory documentation with its medical grade silicone products and is open to additional support provided with the help of our in-house regulatory & biocompatibility experts.

High technology for a better life

During CIIE expo, Elkem Silicones will propose tissue softeners for baby care and allergy sufferers. Paper towels made with Bluesil™ softener are softer, silkier and more comfortable. These high-end tissue papers are currently not popular in China, but as people's living standards improve, the demand for tissue paper is also increasing. Bluesil™ tissue softener is designed for high-end tissue paper market. At the show, visitors are welcome to experience this paper towel made with Bluesil™ softener.

Elkem will take the opportunity to showcase on the booth a car seat made of Bluesil™ silicone leather. Compared with artificial leather made of other materials, silicone leather does not contain any harmful substances and improve abrasion resistance. Silicones leather is recognized to be more scratch-resistant, easy to clean, soft and elastic.

Come and visit us at CIIE Expo China International Import Expo, from November 6th to 10th, on booth 3C7-003 Hall 3.


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