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Elkem Silicones will be present Asia Pacific Leather Fair (APLF)



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Elkem Silicones will showcase a range of silicone products for applications in artificial leather at the Asia Pacific Leather Fair (APLF) in Hong Kong, March 14-16, 2018. Welcome to visit Elkem Silicones booth: 3G-E20.

Green eco-synthetic leather solutions

At the Asia Pacific Leather Fair (APLF) March 14-16, 2018 in Hong Kong, Elkem Silicones, the global integrated silicones provider, will showcase an innovative solution for eco-synthetic leather, the silicones synthetic leather. Traditional synthetic leather is made of the substrates of knitting, microfiber and other fabric, by combining a variety of different formulations and materials such as PVC, PU, TPU. Silicones eco-synthetic leather is a kind of leather that is made of liquid silicone elastomer on a variety of substrates.

Elkem Silicones will introduce two liquid silicone elastomers, Bluesil® TCS 7776 and Bluesil® TCS 7757. They are thermo-curing liquid silicone elastomers that are cured by heating and they are especially designed for application in synthetic leather. Silicone material is a kind of green material thanks to its excellent properties with non-toxic and pollution-free. As a recognized green benchmarking company, Elkem Silicones supports environmental protection and provides customers and end-users with safe materials.

Our silicone materials offer many advantages over traditional PU or PVC materials:

  • High resistance and long life: Bluesil® products offer both a high resistance and a durability throughout the life of the coating while at the same time allowing the breathability of the material. Therefore, our customers can afford to save cost while keep high quality.
  • Softness and comfort: The specific nature of silicone coatings provides them with a pleasant skin feel, most appreciated by end-users.
  • Safety: Silicones have an ability to produce non-polar surfaces which therefore have very little interaction with biological systems and pose no health risks. Silicones offer for example a better fire-resistance and what's more, non-toxic chemical releases if they burn, thus providing resistance without compromising safety.
  • Easy maintenance: the properties of Bluesil® product enables them to be washed without effort while keeping their excellent properties even after wash. Bluesil® products are also water resistance, securing your artificial leather from any spilling accident. 

Leather care

Bluesil® EMUL 4814 is a very high molecular weight silicone aqueous emulsion. It is a top coat material designed especially for synthetic leather. Leather manufacturers can apply Bluesil® EMUL 4814 as the final process to coat in the artificial leather and leather surfaces, giving the leather a silky feel, increasing the leather's softness and improving brightness. It also can enhance the scratch resistance of leather, and thus enhance the overall quality of leather.


The outstanding advantages of Bluesil® EMUL 4814 are:

• Lower viscosity, easy to dilute and use;

• Good compatibility with water based polyurethane and acrylic emulsion;

• Gives the silky feel of synthetic leather and leather;

• Makes the treated leather shine;

• Solvent-free, VOC-free and environmentally friendly

• Non-stick type.

Bluesil® EMUL 4814 can be applied directly to the leather surface by dilution or with other leather additives such as varnish. Because Bluesil® EMUL 4814 has good stability, proper concentration and viscosity, our user does not need special treatment and can open the lid to use directly. Elkem Silicones also recommends this product for use with our polyether silicone Bluesil® SP 3304 together to improve coating uniformity and feel. 

Bluesil® EMUL 4814 silicone technology is from Elkem Silicones Spain site. It is a mature, proven technology that has been successfully applied to many domestic produced leathers. 

More Elkem Silicones products in leather applications, please visit our booth 3G-E20 to discuss with us in detail.


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