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Ever wanted to literally TOUCH a VIDEO?

They are here, everywhere around you. You know it, you can feel it – silicones are much more than just materials, they are game changers in a world in motion. Because we are committed to virtuous industries such as 3D Printing, Electric Vehicles, Robotics and Healthcare, we do believe that silicones should be viewed from a different point of view: let's think about the experience we offer to modernity.

This artwork initially designed for a public communication in the city of Lyon, France has been imagined according to this purpose. Our objective was to show how Elkem Silicones innovates and looks to the future. For that reason, we focused  on the fascinating aesthetics and textures of silicone materials and on some key market and applications that can inspire the idea of modernity to everyone… telling a story without saying a word.

For this production, we thought out of the box and concentrated our efforts on triggering deep instincts: being fascinating, generating questions, creating this emotional link that make you want to feel the silicone experience.

To achieve this goal, we worked hand in hand with a best in class artistic director to seize the beauty of our materials through light and motions: elasticity, viscosity, flowability, lightness, colors and transparency. Because a successful video experience passes through your eyes and your ears, we also put a specific effort on sound design. Instead of simply adding a music track on the video we wanted to make you feel the materials and their textures through a sound experience. For that reason, we recommend you watch this video with headphones.