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Don’t be so dense. Elkem Silicones offers low-density silicone foam to lighten your load at Foam Expo 2018.



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Elkem Silicones will present its unique low-density silicone foam solutions at the Foam Expo 2018 in Novi, Mich., March 6 through 8.

Leeanne Brown, R&D Technology Leader for Elkem Silicones, will be a quick-fire speaker at the conference presenting the benefits that light weight silicone foam chemistry can offer in application.

Elkem Silicones will feature Bluesil™ RT Foam 3243, a two-component product that can be cured at room temperature or accelerated with heat to make form-in-place gaskets.  This low-density silicone foam offers excellent compression set and mechanical properties, and can be adapted to meet specific customer requirements.

"Our foams are extremely versatile and can be customized to meet a wide range of customers' needs for industrial applications," said Reeshemah Chatham, market manager for Elkem Silicones North America. "We are developing a platform of silicone foam products that allow for modification for a range of applications involving thermal resistance, variation of densities, and fire retardancy with a goal of delivering value-added silicone solutions for our customers."

The Bluesil™ range of foams can be used in applications for special effects, thermal or acoustic insulation, protection of electronics, dampening, gasketing, and prosthetics as a few examples.

In addition to silicone foam technology, Elkem Silicones will highlight other technologies for the transportation market including CAF® products, which feature excellent adhesion for seal-in-place gasketing, and, Bluesil™ ESA products, which boast robust potting materials for mechanical and chemical protection.

For more information, visit booth 1102 at the Foam Expo 2018, call (866) 474-6432 or check out the company's website at www.silicones.elkem.com.

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