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PublicationPublicationhttps://silicones.elkem.com/EN/company/Pages/CIIE-2020.aspx2020-11-05T15:36:19ZEileen Jiang

Elkem Silicones signs strategic pacts and showcases top technologies and products

​One of the pioneers in manufacturing silicones, and a technology leader with over six decades of history in the silicone industry, Elkem Silicones is showcasing its wide range of innovative technologies and solutions at the 3rd China International Import Expo (CIIE 2020). For the first time, during this worldwide event, Elkem Silicones is signing strategic pacts, having a total contract value of more than CNY 1 billion with multiple Chinese customers. The silicone technologies and products on show have applications in personal protection, automotive, construction, agriculture, 5G communications, energy, aerospace and other industries.

With the emergence of Artificial Intelligence, industrial internet, and the new energy technologies, competition in the industry is assuming new proportions across the globe. While firmly supporting the Chinese government's trade liberalization and economic globalization policies and introducing the world's advanced silicone solutions to China's key markets, Elkem Silicones remains committed to 'nature-friendly' and 'innovation-driven' for 'better life'. Elkem also focuses on helping local customers to accelerate innovation and to improve their market competitiveness.


Elkem Silicones helps boosting technological innovation and sustainable development in multiple Chinese markets

For this 2020 edition, Elkem Silicones' booth space doubles from 2019, and presents more than 30 innovative silicones solutions that meet the current and future needs of the Chinese market. Key application areas and products include:

  • Personal protection: A non-slip, anti-fog and comfortable silicone mask, designed and developed to fight the pandemic (COVID-19);
  • Electric vehicles: Elkem Silicones BLUESIL™ battery thermal conductive materials used by the world's top electric vehicle producers, and high-performance electronic thermal conductive material suited for charging piles;
  • Architecture: A new generation of BLUESIL™ waterproof materials and energy-saving environment-friendly materials for buildings;
  • 5G communications: 5G equipment sealing materials developed specially for the Chinese local market;
  • Aerospace: Elkem SILGRAIN™ high-quality special silicon powder used by the Mars Exploration Rover satellite.
    In addition, Elkem also presents several classic silicone products used in solar energy, agriculture and environmental protection at the CIIE expo.
    Silicone is known as the 'catalyst' in technological progress and social development. As one of the earliest companies in the world that developed and produced silicone materials and the creator of the world's first silicone sealant, Elkem Silicones is showcasing its advanced solutions in the fields of smart travel, smart life, low-carbon environmental protection and clean energy. Elkem also demonstrates its commitment to help boosting sustainable development of various industries and improve the quality of human life by providing cutting-edge materials.

China, Elkem Silicones' key focus

Frederic Jacquin, Senior Vice President of Elkem Silicones, said: "China has always been Elkem Silicones' most important market. More than 50% of Elkem's employees are based in China. The unexpected breakout of the pandemic last year-end deepened the uncertainty over the global economy. Thanks to China's strong epidemic prevention and control capabilities, Elkem Silicones' business in the Chinese market has faced very limited impact. While ensuring the safety of our employees, we made every effort to ensure the smooth supply of products to customers, and the revenue has also grown steadily."  Frederic Jacquin added: " We are the largest silicones producer in China and our strategy is to continue to grow & develop high end products supporting the dual circulation strategy which is to create products & solutions with a personal touch for our Chinese customers but also for the rest of the world."


Strategic pacts with customers for purchases of over CNY 1 billion

In addition, for the first time during this CIIE edition, Elkem Silicones has signed major orders with three Chinese customers, with a total contract value of around CNY 1 billion. In the afternoon of November 5, Larry Zhang, Vice President of Elkem Silicones and Director of the Asia-Pacific region, signed strategic cooperation with several Chinese customers at an event witnessed by Ning Gaoning, Chairman of China National Chemical Corporation and other prominent personalities. Larry Zhang said: "Elkem Silicones has enormous confidence in the development of the Chinese market. The three new partners have signed a cooperation agreement with us, which fully reflects their trust in Elkem. We are looking forward to working with Chinese customers to create a better future."


Come and visit our experts at Elkem's booth C6-003, hall 4.1 (4.1C6-003) at CIIE 2020 from November 5 to 10. We are eagerly looking forward to your visit to discover together the unlimited world of silicones!


About Elkem Silicones

Elkem Silicones has more than 3,500 employees dedicated to providing silicone solutions with a personal touch that deliver your potential. Elkem Silicones, a division of Elkem, is one of the world's leading fully integrated silicone suppliers, operating 13 multi-functional manufacturing sites and 13 R&D centers around the globe. Based in Lyon, France, Elkem Silicones offers a full range of silicone technologies for diverse specialty markets including aerospace, automotive, construction, consumer goods, energy, healthcare, paper, personal care and textiles. www.silicones.elkem.com