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Elkem Silicones launches a series of silicone rubbers for applications in New Energy Vehicles and Power Industry

​Elkem Silicones launches a series of silicone rubbers for applications in New Energy Vehicles and Power Industry

Elkem Silicones, one of the world’s leading fully integrated silicone suppliers, will present its Bluesil™ MF 2241 U - a flame-retardant silicone rubber for NEV wiring harness at the 33rd International Exhibition on Plastics and Rubber Industries (CHINAPLAS 2019) to be held at China Import and Export Fair Complex, Pazhou, Guangzhou) on May 21-25, 2019. Bluesil™ MF 2241 U contributes to excellent sealing and flame retardancy for wiring harness of new energy vehicles (NEVs), thus preventing NEVs from spontaneous combustion caused by circuits. Elkem Silicones will also present a range of new products for applications in automotive cable and power industries. Welcome to visit our booth: 12.2A41.

Bluesil™ MF 2241 U oil-bleeding flame retardant silicone rubber for automotive high voltage cables to prevent spontaneous combustion of NEVs

Spontaneous combustion of vehicles is one of the most concerned issues for automotive consumers in China and around the world. It is reported that NEVs are more prone to spontaneous combustion than ordinary fuel vehicles, which is mainly attributed to high battery voltage of NEVs and large-diameter wires required in many components such as inverters, transformers and air-conditioning compressors.

According to the statistics, more than 90% of spontaneous combustion in automobiles is caused by electric circuits. After two or three years of use, vehicles are prone to aging of cable rubber sheath and heating caused by increased wire resistance, thereby leading to spontaneous combustion and even dangers threatening the safety and property of consumers in serious cases. This puts higher demands on cables and wiring harnesses in NEVs.

In response to the challenge of spontaneous combustion in NEVs, Elkem Silicones launches the oil-bleeding flame retardant silicone rubber, Bluesil™ MF 2241 U for high-voltage harnesses of NEVs at CHINAPLAS 2019. In addition to excellent insulation, heat and corrosion resistance, Bluesil™ MF 2241 U has outstanding flame retardancy with UL 94 V0 rating. Automotive wiring harnesses made of this material can meet the requirements of long-term high-current full-load operation and prevent spontaneous combustion. Even if spontaneous combustion occurs, the high-voltage cable made of this material can prevent the fire from spreading and ensure low smoke and no harmful gases generated during combustion.

Bluesil MF 8166 U HT/A  - new generation platinum-cured silicone rubber

At the CHINAPLAS, Elkem Silicones will also present the new generation platinum-cured silicone rubber, Bluesil™ MF 8166 U HT/A, which combines the advantages of first-generation products such as reduced stress cracking, excellent mechanical properties, long-lasting heat resistance and outstanding tear strength. Moreover, it has a longer pot life after mixing, and allows for faster wire extrusion and shorter processing cycle, thus significantly improving the productivity. In addition, Bluesil™ MF 8166 U HT/A is based on the latest optimized platinum cure system, which can help avoid occurrence of air bubbles at temperatures of 600 to 800 ℃ in the oven. This product can be widely used in a variety of automotive and rail transportation cables.

Starsil EP range tailored for power industry

Elkem Silicones will further present a range of silicone rubbers tailored for power industry, with a focus on Starsil EP530 series of liquid silicone rubber for medium and low voltage insulation, and Starsil EP 560 semi-conductive liquid silicone rubber.

Starsil EP530 series is suitable for a wide range of cold-shrinkable cable accessories, such as terminals and intermediate joints. With outstanding low permanent compression deformation, excellent mechanical properties, electrical properties and processability, Starsil EP530 provides superior performance in expansion, recovery and sealing for cable accessories, thus greatly improving the storage cycle and operational reliability of products. Starsil EP 560 semi-conductive liquid silicone rubber based on innovative technology, with lower viscosity, faster curing and more stable low volume resistivity, provides excellent solution for stress cone, outer shield of intermediate nodes and other products.

Press Contact : Eileen Jiang (eileen.jiang@elkem.com)

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