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Elkem Silicones will launch innovative Semiconductive Liquid Silicone Rubber & oil-bleeding Silicone Rubber

As a global integrated silicone manufacturer, Elkem Silicones will launch a series of silicone rubber products for power transmission and automotive industries at the 32nd International Exhibition on Plastics and Rubber Industries (CHINAPLAS 2018) at National Exhibition & Convention Center, Hongqiao, Shanghai, China on April 24-27. You are welcome to visit our booth at 7.2H-B61.


Power Transmission

Elkem Silicones, the global integrated silicone manufacturer, has successfully developed a conductive silicone rubber for power cables and cable accessories. This new type of liquid silicone rubber uses new filler and is a breakthrough in the traditional conductive techniques used in power transmission and has been successfully applied to power transmission. Beyond the abilities in eliminating electrostatic interference and radio frequency interference, Starsil® EP 560/40 also has features of good elasticity and low resistivity which enable it suitable for connectors of power cable accessories.

The power cable accessories are the necessary devices to connect the main bodies of cables and to connect the cables to the overhead transmission lines and the equipment in various substations in order to enable power transmission. The electric field distribution is seriously distorted, which is in an extremely uneven state of distribution, in the cutoff of shield of the intermediate nodes and the cutoff of insulation of the end nodes. Such distortion of electric field is the biggest obstacle to the safe function of cable accessories. Elkem Silicones solutions with Starsil® EP 560/40 can keep the electric field distribution and electric field strength at the optimum conditions, maintain the conductive properties at a stable state for a long time while improving the function reliability and service life of power cables and cable accessories.

As Starsil® EP 560/40 uses new filler, it can provide the user more stable conductive performance at a lower cost. The unique characteristics of silicone rubber make Starsil® EP 560/40 excellent in weather resistance, thus it maintains reliable function under harsh weather conditions.


Bluesil® MF 8100 U HT/A Platinum Vulcanized Silicone Rubber series -- to improve in-car air quality

In order to provide safe and reliable power supply for the connection of high-voltage components (including charging ports, batteries, control systems, power motors and other high-voltage equipment) of new energy vehicles, and without interference to the operation of other low-voltage electrical equipment, Elkem Silicones introduces Bluesil® MF 8100 U HT/A series of platinum vulcanized silicone rubber. The insulated cables made of Bluesil® MF8100 U HT/A series for automotive usage can withstand the impact of high and low temperatures. The advantages of large current carrying capacity can meet the requirements of long-term large current full-load operation without a design of oversized cable cross-section. At the same time, due to the flexibility of silicone, the stress cracking risk of the cables under the conditions of small radius bending can be greatly reduced, providing the designers with more free space and easy installation and operation. Bluesil® MF8100 U HT/A series have excellent mechanical properties and long-term heat resistance. Their outstanding tear strength provides safety protection for the outer sheath of the cable and avoids scratches and cracking during transportation, installation and use. In addition, Elkem Silicones platinum vulcanized silicone rubber products avoid the problems of by-products, odors, post-spraying and other problems caused by conventional peroxide curing, and are more environment-friendly, which helps to improve the cable manufacturer's site environment and creates a safer and more comfortable in-car environment.

Starsil® LSR 3900 series of oil-bleeding liquid silicone rubber & Bluesil® MF 9400 series of oil-bleeding high temperature vulcanized silicone rubber

Additionally, at this exhibition, Elkem Silicones will also exhibit a series of silicone elastomers with high resilience and ultra-low compression deformation, they are Starsil® LSR 3900 series of oil-bleeding liquid silicone rubber. Starsil® LSR 3900 achieves low compression deformation without the need for secondary vulcanization. Molded parts made of this silicone elastomer even after being squeezed and released, suffer very low deformation thanks to their excellent elasticity and resilience.

Starsil® LSR 3900 series can be cross-linked in a very short period of time into highly elastic oil-bleeding elastomers. Once they are cured and attached, they can self-generate a layer of silicone oil. These self-exuding silicone oils can lubricate the surface of the vulcanized rubber. Designed specifically for automotive seals, this product allows automotive wiring harnesses to easily pass through Starsil® LSR 3900 coated seals. Starsil® LSR 3900 series oil bleeding liquid silicone rubber also has a variety of oil content, and can maintain a state of continuous oil leakage with a stable oil permeability for a long period of time, making it easier for users to use. Starsil® LSR 3900 vulcanizate also maintains flexibility at temperatures as low as minus 40 degrees Celsius. It is therefore very suitable for sealing applications such as engine compartments or car bodies.

Elkem Silicones also introduces the new Bluesil® MF 9400 series of solid oil bleeding silicone rubber products. Under the premise of satisfying self-lubrication, Bluesil® MF 9400 series products have improved overall mechanical properties. While enhancing long-term heat resistance and liquid resistance, they are designed for more dimensional stability and resilience of seals under long-term compression. They can ensure good sealing effects and long-term operations of low voltage and high voltage electrical equipment.

Benefited from the extensive experience of Elkem Silicones worldwide Mix&Fix® Center, Elkem Silicones Shanghai Center provides customized products according to client's requirements and gives the products special properties such as electric conductivity, heat conduction, flame retardance and foaming. Bluesil® MF series offers a choice of different sealing products depending on the operating environment of different components:

The Bluesil®  MF 9200 Series are used for engine head gasket sealing;

The Bluesil®  FP 2200 U Fluorosilicone Series are used in the harsh environment of oil and gas contact;

The Bluesil®  THT Series can withstand extreme heat challenges.

NOTE: Bluesil® and Starsil® are registered trademarks of Elkem Silicones.


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