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Bluestar Silicones to Showcase its Silicone Solutions



OtherOtherhttps://silicones.elkem.com/EN/company/Pages/Bluestar-Silicones-to-Showcase-its-Silicone-Solutions.aspx2017-11-15T12:12:08ZKaren O’Keefe

Bluestar Silicones will showcase its BLUESIL™ silicone moldmaking products for rapid prototyping applications at the upcoming RAPID 2017 Conference (Booth #1041), May 9 - 11, in Pittsburgh, PA.

Bluestar Silicones offers a full range of BLUESIL™ moldmaking products for use with traditional urethane foams and casting materials for architectural, prototyping and furniture molding applications. These RTV products offer high tensile and tear strength, long mold life, no shrinkage upon cure and highly accurate reproduction of details.  Formulated with low viscosities for better filling and degassing and with built-in inhibition resistance, the Bluesil™ RTV 3040 family of products are the ideal choice for durometer versatility, performance, efficiency, and peace of mind.

"Customers are looking for ways to maximize the performance of their molding materials," said Reeshemah Chatham, market manager for moldmaking in North America.  "The Bluesil™ product range is designed to hold up longer against casting materials, providing the prototype with maximum life use of their molds.  An added benefit is the option of having multiple catalysts that can be used with one base material enabling formulation flexibility and optimization of inventory."

For more information, call (866) 474-6342 or check out the company's moldmaking microsite at www.bluesilmoldmaking.com.

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With worldwide operations headquartered in Lyon, France, Bluestar Silicones is a worldwide silicones raw material manufacturer. The company is one of the world's leading fully integrated global silicones manufacturers with more than 60 years of silicone expertise. Bluestar Silicones has manufacturing operations throughout the world and combines upstream silicon metal operations and capacity with downstream silicone market and application development expertise. The company offers a comprehensive range of silicone technologies in support of diverse specialty markets including paper release, textile coatings, healthcare, moldmaking, automotive, aerospace, and personal care. Bluestar Silicones is owned by Elkem AS, Norway. www.bluestarsilicones.com