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​Elkem Silicones will give a lecture at AFICEP Technical Days on December 14th in Paris!

Being a key player of the Silicones Elastomers Industry, Elkem Silicones will share some of its agile innovations developed by our team of professionals.

This year, Gabrielle BORGNA, will present you a conference focused on “Silicone elastomers : from thermal resistance to fire resistance”. Silicone Elastomers perform in extreme conditions especially in safety cables, railway, aeronautic and automotive applications, … Discover how you can move to highest demanding business !

Main Elastomers industry stakeholders including Elkem Silicones will be presenting at AFICEP Technical Days on the following topics:


  • Needs and interests of Dassault Aviation for high-performance silicone and fluorinated elastomers by Benoît BERTON
  • Preparation and advanced properties of FKM- and Silicone-- Nanocomposites by Ulrich GIESE
  • FKM in high end products, by Raphaël ROUACH
  • New FKM compounds for highly demanding applications by Marco CRISTINI
  • Pushing the boundaries of Fluorosilicone Rubber by Florence MAGNAN
  • Silicone Elastomers - Create Value through Function (Basic properties/Product overview/Applications/New products and trends) by Heiko BAYERL
  • Latest advances in silicone formulation for demanding applications, by Franck SOSSON
  • Silicones for high temperature applications, by Chloé BUQUEN
  • Electro Active Silicone by Laina GUO
  • Silicone elastomers: from thermal resistance to fire resistance by Gabrielle BORGNA
  • Definition, implementation and characterization of vibration damping solutions in space applications, by Nicolas SOUIL


Interested in meeting our technical and sales team & joining us for this day? Gabrielle BORGNA and Pierre SALETTES are looking forward to your attendance at AFICEP Technical Days focused this year on Silicone Elastomers on December 14th in Paris, France!​

About Elkem Silicones

Elkem Silicones has more than 3100 employees dedicated to providing silicone solutions with a personal touch helping to deliver your potential.  A division of the Elkem Group, Elkem Silicones is one of the world's leading fully integrated silicone suppliers, operating 10 multi-functional manufacturing sites and R&D centers around the globe.  Based in Lyon, France, Elkem Silicones offers a full range of silicone technologies for diverse specialty markets including aerospace, automotive, construction, consumer goods, energy, healthcare, paper, personal care and textiles. Learn more at

About Elkem Group

Headquartered in Norway, Elkem Group is one of the world's leading providers of environmentally responsible silicon-related materials. The Elkem Group is active in both the solar value chain through REC Solar ( and silicon value chain through Elkem's four business areas, Elkem silicon materials, Elkem silicones, Elkem foundry products and Elkem carbon. Elkem Group has an annual revenue of 2.6 billion Euros, 29 production sites and about 8500 employees around the world. Learn more at​

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