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​Elkem Silicones is present at Silicone Elastomers World Summit 2019

Much more than a key player in the Silicones industry, Elkem Silicones wants to bring agile innovations developed by a team of professionals.

This year's event will cover the following topics:  

  • Industry Outlook – Challenges and Opportunities: 
    • Data driven footwear customisation using 3D printable LSR, 
    • Silicone elastomers in changing times
  • Machinery and processing innovation: Production transparency, Injection molding of optical components, Optimisation of a 2K molding process with virtual molding, Success factor process stability in LSR processing, Using UV-light for silicone processing methods
  • The future of HCR: 
    • New platinum-based hydrosilylation catalyst compound with improved shelf-stability, 
    • The latest HCR silicone mixing and extrusion technologies
  • Elastomer performances: 
    • Effects of silicone degradation in high-performance LEDs, 
    • Antimicrobial additives in silicones, 
    • Impact of synthetic amorphous silica on key properties of silicone elastomers
  • Innovations in Applications and  Materials: 
    • Special requirements for silicone parts in medical technology, 
    • Optical LSR for enabling innovation in LED lighting applications, 
    • The world’s first fully sensorial resistance band, 
    • Function meets design – creation of the cell phone-holder “Butterfly”, 
    • Shaping 1601: the next revolution of silicone manufacturing, 
    • Additives for durable, fast and accurate laser markings in silicones, 
    • Tailoring the surface properties of silicones by using vacuum ultraviolet lamps
  • Delivering e-mobility with TPEs and silicones

This year is special for Elkem Sillicones, our team will present you its new product to complete the HCR silicone rubber products range specifically designed for use in Railway & Aerospace. This product has an easier processability and higher fire resistance performances. 

Meet up with our experts at SEWS 2019 from November 26th to 27th at the Austria Trend Hotel Savoyen Vienna to know more about this new product and other opportunities brought by silicone elastomers. Our passionate team of experts is ready to support your developments and listen to your needs. 

About Elkem Silicones

Elkem Silicones has more than 3,100 employees dedicated to providing silicone solutions with a personal touch that deliver your potential.  Elkem Silicones, a division of Elkem, is one of the world's leading fully integrated silicone suppliers, operating 9 multi-functional manufacturing sites and 11 R&D centers around the globe.  Based in Lyon, France, Elkem Silicones offers a full range of silicone technologies for diverse specialty markets including aerospace, automotive, construction, consumer goods, energy, healthcare, paper, personal care and textiles. Learn more at

About Elkem ASA

Founded in 1904, Elkem is one of the world's leading suppliers of silicon-based advanced materials with operations throughout the value chain from quartz to specialty silicones, as well as attractive market positions in specialty ferrosilicon alloys and carbon materials. Elkem is a publicly listed company on the Oslo Stock Exchange and is headquartered in Oslo. The company has 6,000 employees with 27 production sites and sales offices in a total of 28 countries worldwide. In 2017, Elkem had revenues of 21.4 billion NOK ($2.5 billion). Learn more at

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