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The Mix & Fix workshop, which is active in the Rubber area, prepares ready-to-use compounds (master mix bases from St Fons, catalysed, coloured, and sometimes postfilled), which are filtered and formed for immediate use by our customers. Customers are divided between Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic and France. They are active in different markets, such as electrical equipment (cable manufacturers, isolation), kitchen utensils, automobile, etc.

Supported by investment and innovation, this growing business is at the heart of the development strategy of the Rubber & Electrical Insulation business.

The Mix&Fix was installed in Caronno Pertusella in 2010. Since then, many investments have been performed in order to modernize the tools and increase capacity.

Volumes have raised from 1 500 mT per year to 2 800 mT, integrating in this period the volumes from DACH (Deutchand, Austria, Chwitzeland…) region.

The first twin screw mixer (Colmec) was installed in 2011, contributing with 1200 mT to this growth, drastically improving process control, productivity and quality.

As customers are becoming more and more demanding (automotive), raw materials traceability tools (MAT BAR) have been installed, and Quality management tools (FMEA) have also been developed.

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