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In 2008, Bluestar Silicones established a R&D Center in Shanghai site. 9 years later, the R&D center has 45 scientists providing services to all Asia Pacific customers. This center is key for Bluestar Silicones as it is part of our collective approach to innovate.

Innovation is an integral part of Bluestar Silicones' DNA. Indeed, since 1954, the Group has constantly sought to harness new technologies, as well as new processes and new solutions to meet the evolving needs of its customers.

Innovation, a catalyst for value creation in Bluestar Silicones, is a key to the Group's success.

At Bluestar Silicones, innovation is not only about products. Researchers conceive and design tools and processes that will improve productivity and create new ways of working more productively in a safer and more pleasant environment.

The strength of Bluestar Silicones' innovation process has been to develop a collaborative R&D program, open to outside entities, based on partnerships and technology sharing.

Since 2007, the Group has innovated in collaborative processes  by combining its expertise with those of specialist partners including industrial companies, competitiveness clusters and start-ups, as well as academic research bodies and laboratories.

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Bluestar Silicones R&D center in Shanghai


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