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​Elkem Silicones Xinghuo (ESX)'s three products of STARSIL brand,107(H48), HCR and Sealant, were rewarded as "Famous Brand of Jiangxi Province" by on 21st Dec 2018. ESX was highly appraised for its brand value of product quality, market share, sales ratio, brand awareness and customer satisfaction and received allowance from China government.

ESX is the drafter of National Standard of 107 product. The product is widely used in electronic and electrical industry such as components' sealing and bonding of TV assembling line, circuit substrates and lighting fixture. 107 also could be coated on cotton cloth and paper bags as the conveyor belts and packing bags for sticky goods, as well as for medical facial shaping. Sealant has excellent performance in bonding and sealing which could be used in doors and windows installation, indoor decoration sealing, curtain wall and weather proof purpose. HCR is mainly used for heat-resistance sealing element, high voltage power cable, protective jacket for spark plug, semi-permeable membrane and conductive rubber keyboards.          

ESX carries out the concept of" safety, environmental protection & quality are our priorities" and takes comprehensive actions to improve quality. We strengthen quality management, focus on customer needs and improve the efficiency, list out customer complaints and take follow-up actions to solve quality problems from the source, enhance product initial passing rate and reduce CCR (customer complaint rate) through EBS system. ESX also sets product national standard, company standard and method standard, participates the draft and validation of group standards. We passed the quality audit of high-end customers, completed the quality questionnaire, technical confirmation and compliance tests by several international companies, which provides strong support for us to enter high-end customer market. High-quality " Xinghuo Made " is helping in transformation and upgrading of Xinghuo.

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Famous Brand of Jiangxi Province


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