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Elkem CEO Helge Aasen sent his best wishes to the Elkem Silicones Xinghuo and he highlighted the importance of Xinghuo for the Group's future success in Asia Pacific and specially China in his video address to some 150 customers and business partners. "Following a series of actions for integration, we are looking forward to be the top three silicones player in the world."  

Xinghuo is the first company to produce silicone in China and ranked among the top silicone supplier in China and Asia Pacific. As the part of Elkem Silicones division, the company combines the state-of-art facilities, strong capability of silicones production and advanced silicones technology in manufacturing.

" The silicones industry is poised for the future with applications growing at twice the average rate of GDP with a bright future outlook led by Electric vehicles, better health and personal care and soon 3D printing and robots. The 50th anniversary of Xinghuo is a celebration of a glorious past but even more a brilliant future. We believe that combining the best in class platform of Xinghuo with our global reach, market expertise and R&D capabilities, we can serve at best our Chinese and Asian customers for delivering their best potential.", according to Frederic JACQUIN, senior vice president of Elkem Silicones.  

Larry Zhang, the general manager of Elkem Silicones Xinghuo underscored in his speech, "Elkem Silicones Xinghuo is the largest Chinese silicone producer offering full range of silicone products. With our ongoing expansion of silicone production in Xinghuo with the support of Elkem, we are well positioned to meet the growing needs of the China and worldwide market. As a result, Elkem Silicones Xinghuo can offer its customers even better local and global supply in the development of new products and customized applications."

For more information, read our press release which promote this special anniversary.

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