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​The Research Council of Norway has awarded Elkem 9,2 million NOK to the project “High-Temp Quartz”. The project will investigate different types of quartz to better understand how the characteristics of quartz affect furnace operations.

With the new knowledge this project will provide, Elkem will be able to improve both raw material and energy use of our silicon and ferrosilicon furnaces, and to be able to better search for more effective quartz.

“High-Temp Quartz” is a joint project with Sintef and NTNU. The project will be led by Aasgeir Valderhaug in Elkem Technology. Researchers from Elkem Technology will participate in the project, together with colleagues in the Quartz team at Elkem Silicon Materials. The full scale testing will be done at Elkem Silicon Materials plants, and the testing of  one type of quartz that will be investigated in this project have already started.

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