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Because we care

Our first priority is to protect our employees and communities, so we are taking various measures according to the national and local disease control requirements by providing protective equipment and disinfectant, setting up barriers, banning travels…

The other priority is to ensure safe operations to continue to deliver our customers with a personal touch. Our strategy is to garantee the continuity of our activities and to prioritize our production, quality control and supply chain activities.

What is the role of Elkem Silicones during the crisis?

We are a worldwide company which offers a full range of silicone technologies for diverse specialty markets such as consumer goods, energy, healthcare, paper, personal care and textiles.

If we strive to continue producing during these difficult times, it is because we want to continue to fulfill our essential role for the nations. Health, hygiene, food safety are major concerns of our citizens. During this situation, our silicones are being utilized in medical devices to help diagnose and treat COVID-19 patients around the world. Some medical devices in which our silicones are used are for example breathing masks, cannulas, catheters, tubing, cushions, mattresses…

Our company has been responding to this for over 60 years and it's even more crucial right now.

We trust and thank our employees and all stakeholders for the role they play during this unprecedent crisis.

We are by your side and we support you because each of you is important to each of us!

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Stay safe


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