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Our Values



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Our Values and Fundamentals guide us in our daily activities.

​Values and Added Value

Our Values and Fundamentals guide us in our daily activities within the company and in our interactions with our customers, suppliers and partners. They are essential in guiding our behavior and enabling us to successfully implement our strategy and business goals.


We are a Team of Professionals

We promote diversity in people, ideas and experiences.

We combine talents and skills to build partnerships and develop creative, value-adding solutions.

We take ownership and embrace accountability for our work.

We develop our people and capabilities.


We are Powered by Passion

Silicones are magical products widely used in our daily life.
Our passion for silicones guides us in all we do.

We share this passion with our customers, our partners and our employees to create enthusiasm and promote team spirit which leads to long term, profitable relationships.

We are stimulated by new challenges.


We Bring Agile Innovative Solutions

Innovation is part of Elkem Silicones' DNA and a key to the company's profitable growth.

Since 1954, we are continuously looking to develop new technologies, new processes and new solutions to better answer our customers' needs.

In a flexible environment, we question the status quo, raise new ideas and move one step beyond.



Our goal is to satisfy our customers and care about our employees.

We are dedicated people, who are committed to the success of our customers.

We listen to them. We work for them and with them, to create and deliver the best solutions that will fulfill their expectations.


Our Fundamentals

We base our actions on the Elkem Silicones Business System, which drives the behavior of all our employees and provides guidelines to achieve a culture of operational excellence.



Ensuring Health and Safety is an absolute priority in our QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety, Environment) management policy. Our ultimate target is a zero accident rate since we believe all accidents can be prevented. We have implemented comprehensive safety guidelines throughout the company. We closely monitor that they are properly applied and we improve our practices through structured plans and processes. In everything we do, we never compromise on safety.



We respect our planet and its inhabitants and we believe that environmental respect is part of our business process. In all of our activities, we continuously optimize the use of raw materials and look for more environmentally-friendly solutions that reduce the environmental impact of our processes and promote reuse of our waste. We work closely with the people and local authorities where we have industrial or logistical activities to achieve the best balance between economic and environmental considerations.



Simply put, quality for us begins by providing our customers with the products and services they expect, on time and at the agreed cost. Customer satisfaction is therefore our number one indicator to measure quality performance. People at all levels and in all areas of our company are empowered and responsible for the quality they deliver to their customers. This is achieved through constant and daily customer focus.


Continuous Improvement

We strive to delight our customers by continuously improving the quality of our products, services and processes. In a fast-changing world, listening to our customers is our best guide to improve quality. We constantly work to become more responsive, to improve production processes, shorten transportation circuits, reduce inventory and eliminate defective goods. In short, every day we listen to our customers, we try and continuously improve our processes and find ways to eliminate waste.