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New name Elkem Silicones

Who is Elkem ?

Based in Oslo, Norway, Elkem AS is one of the world's leading companies for environmentally responsible production of materials. Its principal products are silicon, silicones, ferrosilicon, foundry alloys, carbon materials and microsilica. Elkem has four business areas and about 6,200 employees. www.elkem.com

What about Elkem Silicones?

  • Elkem Silicones employs 3,000 people around the world and has sales approaching one billion Euros. The company was established in 2017 through the integration of Bluestar Silicones and its upstream sister entity (New Chemicals Materials Division of Bluestar Group) in Xinghuo, China, to form Elkem Silicones, a division of Elkem AS.
  • The creation of Elkem Silicones marks the full integration of our complete silicon value chain from silicon metal (Elkem Silicon) to downstream application specialties (Elkem Silicones). The silicones division operates two upstream silicone manufacturing sites, one in Asia and one in Europe, eight downstream silicone manufacturing facilities and 10 R&D facilities worldwide.

Any practical questions ?


Are there any changes in VAT numbers and any registration numbers at the local chambers of commerce?

No, none of our registration numbers are impacted by the name change.

Any change in bank details?

No, there are no changes to our bank accounts.

When should I use the new Elkem name in my PO?

The new Elkem name should be used for PO placed after the date of the name change indicated in the letter received from Bluestar. This date shall depend on the location of your Bluestar supplier. Due to local regulations, some Bluestar Silicones legal entities in some countries may need more time to change their names.

What about if I place an order with Bluestar Silicones after the change?

The order will be accepted, but Elkem Silicones will send the confirmation. Please update your systems as soon as possible.

Any change in product branding and description?

No change in the product brand and product description.

When will SDS be updated with the Elkem logo?

With its change of logo and the gradual name change of its legal entities in the world, Elkem Silicones will gradually update the SDS (safety data sheets) of its product portfolio. Given the thousands of commercial products concerned, this process, which will also take into account the latest available technical data, will gradually run until the beginning of 2018 with priority given to the riskiest products.

What about quality certification?

A Statement has been sent (Sept. 14th) to our customers announcing the name change, highlighting the fact that this change only impacts the name, but does not generate any change in manufacturing processes or the specifications of our current range of products. ISO certifications are in the process of being updated with the new name. This request is in the hands of our different 3rd party registration bodies (DNV, TüV, etc.), awaiting their answers and the delivery of new ISO certificate bearing our new company name. As soon as new ones are available, we will post them on our website.

What about regulatory documentation (REACH, RoHS, …)?

Certified compliance in regulatory documentation issued under the name Bluestar Silicones remains fully valid even after the Elkem Silicones name has been adopted. As of the beginning of October, new certificates will be generated under the new Elkem Silicones format for the legal entities already updated.

What about product labels on packaging?

Existing products in inventories will remain labeled as Bluestar Silicones until they are sold out. Printed labels and packaging stickers will bear the Elkem name as soon as the switch becomes official.

Will bluestarsilicones.com email addresses remain valid after the change?

YES, email send by external correspondents to bluestarsilicones.com email addresses will still be received.

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