​Shelf life : 24 months

PURESIL ORG-01 may be stored at temperatures between -20°C / -4°F and 40°C / 104°F for up to 24 months from its date of manufacturing.Please consult the Safety Data Sheet of this product.


Puresil ORG01 silicone elastomer gel is delivered in a non-volatile alkane.   The alkane is 100% naturally sourced, derived, and manufactured according to ISO 16128.  This product spreads out evenly and provides dry smoothness and a silky, lubricious skin feel.  It disperses physical sunscreens effectively and uniformly resulting in SPF boosting.  The organic carrier is highly compatible to various cosmetic ingredients.  This product may be formulated with other ingredients to achieve clear formulations

INCI name: 

C13-15 Alkane (and) Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer



  • Enhances spreadability
  • Contributes soft and silky feel
  • Smooths out skin appearance
  • Boosts SPF of sunscreens
  • Enables matte look
  • Reduces tackiness
  • Delivers in >80% naturally derived non-volatile carrier
  • Make-up: concealers, foundations, make-up base, cream blushes, cream eyeshadows, and lipsticks
  • Skin care: skin serum, moisturizers, and antiaging products
  • Sun care: sun protections (cream and lotions), suntan lotions
  • Hair care: leave-in conditioners, spray, and styling products

Asia Pacific;Central and South America;Europe Middle East Africa;North America




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PURESIL BSG-200PURESIL BSG-200/our_offer/Product/90063209/_/PURESIL-BSG-200
PURESIL BSG-200SPURESIL BSG-200S/our_offer/Product/90063210/_/PURESIL-BSG-200S
PURESIL BSG-250PURESIL BSG-250/our_offer/Product/90063211/_/PURESIL-BSG-250
PURESIL BSG-350PURESIL BSG-350/our_offer/Product/90063212/_/PURESIL-BSG-350
PURESIL BSG-5040PURESIL BSG-5040/our_offer/Product/90063213/_/PURESIL-BSG-5040
PURESIL BSG-5041PURESIL BSG-5041/our_offer/Product/90063214/_/PURESIL-BSG-5041
PURESIL BSG-650DFPURESIL BSG-650DF/our_offer/Product/90063215/_/PURESIL-BSG-650DF
PURESIL CHM-01PURESIL CHM-01/our_offer/Product/90063217/_/PURESIL-CHM-01
PURESIL D-308PURESIL D-308/our_offer/Product/90063216/_/PURESIL-D-308
PURESIL SF-30PURESIL SF-30/our_offer/Product/90063220/_/PURESIL-SF-30