SILCOLEASE ADD 384 is used at a low dosage, typically from 0,5 to 2 parts in a Silcolease formulation adapted to coating onto filmic substrates including a polymer (such as SILCOLEASE POLY 330 or SILCOLEASE POLY 11364), a crosslinker providing good initial anchorage (such as SILCOLEASE XL 96A), and a Pt catalyst.


Recommended typical formulation 

​SILCOLEASE POLY 330​100 parts
​SILCOLEASE XL 96A​8 parts
SILCOLEASE ADD 384​0,5-2 parts
​SILCOLEASE CATA 12070​4-8 parts



Bath preparation

It is recommended to add the products in the following order:

SILCOLEASE POLY and SILCOLEASE XL, then SILCOLEASE ADD 384, mix them all together thoroughly before finally adding SILCOLEASE CATA. Complete the mixing to a fully homogeneous blend.




SILCOLEASE XL and SILCOLEASE CATA or SILCOLEASE ADD 384 and SILCOLEASE CATA may react violently together and therefore must not be blended together separately from the other components of the system. 

SILCOLEASE ADD 384 may be stored at temperatures between -20°C / -4°F and 30°C / 86°F for up to 9 months from its date of manufacturing.Please consult the Safety Data Sheet of this product.


SILCOLEASE ADD 384 is a silicone based additive used with a reactive solventless silicone polymer system for RELEASE COATING OF PET FILMS. 


It has been designed to preserve the long term anchorage of the release system when laminated against adhesives and reeled (wound into rolls) as coated film.


SILCOLEASE ADD 384 may improve initial anchorage but was designed to offer long term ageing performance and has been particularly developed for plain PET film.


Functional Fluid

  • Efficient at low dosage.
  • Reactive additive incorporated to the silicone network.
  • Long lasting anchorage on PET even in humid conditions.
  • Long lasting anchorage on PET even with aggressive adhesives.


  • Self-adhesive labels (particularly clear on clear filmic labels)
  • Self-adhesive protectors (tape, hygiene, etc …)

North America;Europe Middle East Africa;Asia Pacific;Central and South America