Processing is particularly easy since this product is delivered "ready-to-use" in the correct mixing proportions. The rheology of parts A and B enable quick and easy mixing that may be performed, for example, using static mixers, disposable or otherwise. Application can be carried out either manually or using robotic application equipment.


BLUESIL ESA 8352 A&B is applied onto one of the two joint surfaces. These must be assembled before the product has started to set.


It is recommended not to subject the assembly to stress immediately and to apply BLUESIL ESA 8352 A&B on clean and dry surfaces. 

BLUESIL ESA 8352 A may be stored at temperatures between 2°C / 36°F and 30°C / 86°F for up to 12 months from its date of manufacturing.Please consult the Safety Data Sheet of this product.


BLUESIL ESA 8352 A&B is a quick curing two-component room temperature vulcanising silicone elastomer.  


BLUESIL ESA 8352 A&B has been designed to obtain a quick adhesion of components which exhibit different thermal expansion rates and/or which are exposed to high temperatures.

Adhesion;Fire Protection;Gasketing;High Temperature Protection;Protection;Sealing;Thermal Resistance

2 Part RTV

BLUESIL ESA 8352 A&B cures quickly at room temperature.


BLUESIL ESA 8352 A&B sets in confined spaces and in high section thicknesses.


BLUESIL ESA 8352 A&B gives excellent mechanical performance levels, very good heat stability, primerless adhesion on many surfaces and good resistance to chemical agents.


BLUESIL ESA 8352 A&B therefore provides perfect assembly and complete sealing when jointing dissimilar substrates subject to thermal stress.


BLUESIL ESA 8352 A&B is chemically neutral and bonding performances in hot and wet environment make that it is the ideal protective product.

BLUESIL ESA 8352 A&B is intended for bonding to metal and plastic surfaces in domestic appliances, automotive and household electrical goods industries.

  • Oven doors
  • Microwave ovens
  • Vitroceramic and induction hobs
  • Sealing and protection of electronic devices.

Asia Pacific;Central and South America;Europe Middle East Africa;North America
















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