For more information, please download the TDS available in PDF format below.SILCOLEASE UV POLY 246 U1 may be stored for up to 9 months from its date of manufacturing.Please consult the Safety Data Sheet of this product.


Silcolease® UV POLY 246 UV cure silicone system is a 100% reactive “ready to use” release coating chemistry based on epoxy-silicone copolymer technology. It is specially designed to produce easy release performance ​


Functional Fluid

  • ​​Coater-ready chemistry
  • mproved “immediate” UV/EB cure response
  • Release performance
  • No mixing errors 
  • No chemical handling
  • Easy inventory control
  • Process consistency
  • Improved product quality
  • Enhanced right-off-the-coater degree-of-cure
  • Minimized “backside transfer” to the liner
  • Improved “tandem coating” release stability 

​When coated using standard solventless coating techniques, the Silcolease® UV POLY 246 silicone system is intended for use as a release surface on a wide selection of papers and films, and against a wide range of adhesive materials. Rapid and stable cure with excellent anchorage to paper and film is achieved by simply passing the coating under high intensity ultraviolet light (medium pressure mercury vapor bulbs).

Applications related to this Product: Coating, Hygiene, Non-stick coating, Pressure Sensitive Adhesive, Release Agent, Release Liner

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Silcolease™ Silicones Release Coatings – Solventless UV range™ Silicones Release Coatings – Solventless UV range