BLUESIL SP 3304 is completely water soluble at temperatures below its cloud point. At higher temperatures, the product will ‘cloud-out’ in a temperature reversible manner.

BLUESIL SP 3304 is generally used in concentrations that range from tenths to single-digits % depending on the application.

BLUESIL SP 3304 may be stored at temperatures between 2°C / 36°F and 50°C / 122°F for up to 24 months from its date of manufacturing.Please consult the Safety Data Sheet of this product.


BLUESIL SP 3304 is a non-hydrolysable polyether modified polydimethylsiloxane.

Coating;Lubrication;Release;Additive;Flow Agent;Slip;Stabilizer;Surface Tension Reduction;Surfactant

Functional Fluid

  • Non-ionic surfactant with low surface tension
  • Wetting and spreading agent
  • Foam control agent
  • Lubricant for rubber and plastic
  • Release agent
  • Hydrophilic
  • Anti-stat
  • Anti-fog
  • Anti-tack agent
  • Soluble in water, alcoholic and hydroalcoholic solutions
  • Organic compatibility
  • Hydrolytically and chemically stable

BLUESIL SP 3304 reduces surface tension to provide excellent wetting and promote spreading by forming a continuous monolayer across even hard-to-wet surfaces.

As a result of these properties, BLUESIL SP 3304 can be beneficially employed in broad ranging applications:

Coatings and Inks

BLUESIL SP 3304 may facilitate the dispersion of pigments and wets critical substrates to improve the flow and levelling of water-based paints and inks.

The low coefficient of friction of the silicone backbone of BLUESIL SP 3304 provides mar and scratch resistance.

The organo-compatibility of BLUESIL SP 3304 means that it does not negatively affect inter-coat adhesion.

Foam control

BLUESIL SP 3304 acts as an antifoam in aqueous systems when used at temperatures above its Cloud Point.

The antifoaming activity of emulsified systems is commonly boosted by the addition of BLUESIL SP 3304.

The reduction of entrained air is promoted by the de-aeration activity of BLUESIL SP 3304 thanks to its specific composition and surface activity.

BLUESIL SP 3304 may be used as a foam control agent in non-aqueous systems that are prone to contamination by water.

Release and lubrication

BLUESIL SP 3304 is an efficient lubricant, particularly between plastic or rubber and metal, which can be conveniently applied in aqueous dispersion.

Thermoplastics and thermosets have smooth surfaces after demoulding using BLUESIL SP 3304 thanks to its ability to cover surfaces uniformly and benefiting from its foam control activity when applied in aqueous formulation.

The hydro- and organo-compatibility of BLUESIL SP 3304 makes molds easy to clean and leaves molded surfaces over-coatable for painting, gluing, etc.

Maintenance and cleaning

BLUESIL SP 3304 is beneficial to maintenance products like cleaners and polishes by helping to homogenise their formulations and by promoting their intimate and uniform coverage of treated surfaces.

The wetting of surfaces, combined with its hydro-compatibility, enables BLUESIL SP 3304 to be used as an anti-fog and, in the presence of humidity, its hygroscopicity boosts the anti-static benefit of its lubricant action.

Surfaces treated with BLUESIL SP 3304 have a non-sticky, non-oily touch;

Fabric Care

BLUESIL SP 3304 is effectively a post-wash fabric conditioner, imparting easy ironing by lubricating between the fabric and the metal of the iron.

Via inter-fibre lubrication, BLUESIL SP 3304 may improve the drape of clothes and, being hydrophilic, their comfort to wear.

BLUESIL SP 3304 must be applied to largely dry fabrics post-wash, not during the wash, rinse or conditioning cycles in machines or during hand washing.

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Antifoam / Defoamer / Defoamer