​SILCOLPASE C545 should be pre-diluted before using, either with cool soft or deionised water for a use within 24 hours.

In this case, the water is added to the antifoam slowly with slight stirring (do not use high shear mixers).SILCOLAPSE C 545 needs fully dispersed in aqueous system to ensure best performance.SILCOLAPSE C 545 need mix prior to use.

SILCOLAPSE C545 may be stored at a temperature between 2 °C/ 36 °F and 35 °C/ 95 °F for up to 9 months from its date of manufacturing.Please consult the Safety Data Sheet of this product.


​SILCOLAPSE C545 is a silicone antifoam emulsion based on BSI new generations high efficient silicone compounds. It is recommended for the prevention, control or elimination of foam in  aqueous systems,especially for metal working fluids and agrochemicals.




  • ​Easy dispersion in aqueous media. 
  • Homogeneous and stable under wide PH and temperature range.
  • High antifoam efficiency in many applications.
  • High defoaming performance both at room temperature, middle and high temperature

​SILCOLAPSE C545 can be used in many industries such as :

  • Metal Working Fluids : in formulation or on site use
  • Agrochemicals : tank mix or in-can application
  • Cleaning : circuit wafer, wine bottle
  • Chemicals : distillation, extraction, filtration.
  • Oil-industry : extraction, butadiene process, amine-sweetening units.
  • Waste-water treatment : neutralization and biological step, outlet.

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Dry content73Monocomp%
pH7MonocompISO 976




































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