​Handling of reactive silicone emulsions

Leave the container of LYNDCOAT BR 1214 open to vent for approximately 30 minutes before use. This allows for an exchange with the outside atmosphere and reduces problems due to electrostatic discharge risks that may typically arise when introducing the pumping equipment.

It is best to use electrically conductive Polypropylene or Rubber and/or stainless steel tubes for pumping of LYNDCOAT BR 1214. Do not use any other uncoated metal tubing.

Membrane pumps are best suited for use with LYNDCOAT BR 1214. In any case use pumps with chambers made of stainless steel or non-metal materials.


​Product delivery in spray stations

LYNDCOAT BR 1214 does not require any stirring. We recommend to switch off your stirring equipment if present. The product was formulated to remain stable under normal storage conditions.

Pumping and recycling is an operation mode often used in air atomization spray cabins. LYNDCOAT BR 1214 stays perfectly homogeneous under these circumstances. Take care not to mix with other products if you are not sure of their chemical compatibility.

Application on the green tire inner liner

Best results are achieved with fine nozzle diameters (typically 0.5 – 1.5 mm ᴓ) when air atomization spray equipment is used for application of LYNDCOAT BR 1214 to the inner liner of the green tire. Thin layers are sufficient. As an example 15g are sufficient for standard T/B tire sizes.

LYNDCOAT BR 1214 is also frequently applied by airless & spinning disk spray equipments. Contact us for more information.

It is possible to swab LYNDCOAT BR 1214 onto the inner liner of the tire with a sponge. Take care not to apply excessive amounts of product. Keep the sponge clean.

The applied layer thickness may be estimated by the degree of translucency of the film. It is of white / grey colour when wet. The water will evaporate quickly and leave a translucent release layer on the inside of the green tire.

The treated tires may then be used immediately. They should not be stored for longer periods (> 48 h) due to the risk of dust deposit on the release layer.

During tire curing in the press the LYNDCOAT BR 1214 layer will be partially transferred from the inner liner to the surface of the tire curing bladder thereby forming a protective layer on the bladder surface.

With LYNDCOAT BR 1214 all tires have to be treated before cure. A thin coat on the inner liner is sufficient. LYNDCOAT BR 1214 is a reactive single release, do not apply excessive quantities.

LYNDCOAT BR 1214 may be stored at temperatures between 2°C / 36°F and 30°C / 86°F for up to 9 months from its date of manufacturing.Please consult the Safety Data Sheet of this product.


LYNDCOAT BR 1214 is a ready to use, water based band ply lubricant. It is part of the new generation reactive silicone emulsions allowing for low coating weights. It is particularly friction resistant and slip promoting.

Applied on the inside of the green tire, or directly on the bladder, it insures excellent release, slip and air bleed performance.



​LYNDCOAT BR 1214 is a white / light grey aqueous emulsion and does not contain any solvents. It is ready to use and does not require further dilution.

It can be swabbed or sprayed onto the rubber surface of the green tire inner liner.

LYNDCOAT BR 1214 is compatible with spinning disk, air atomization, air assisted and airless spray systems.

LYNDCOAT BR 1214 is a single release designed for use with all kind of curing bladders typically used in Truck & Bus tire curing presses. The release film allows for improved bladder protection, notably in the area where highest friction with the tire occurs, the tire’s critical toe area.

LYNDCOAT BR 1214 contains a reactive silicone system that partially cures to the bladder surface to form a protective, friction resistant film and therefore allows for improved bladder life, eliminating the need for bladder coatings.

LYNDCOAT BR 1214 is an efficient lubricant. A thin layer is sufficient for promoting slip allowing for perfect bladder centring.

LYNDCOAT BR 1214 allows for clean operation while promoting air evacuation.

LYNDCOAT BR 1214 has shown to increase productivity, reduce defects, prolong bladder life and reduce costs.

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pH5.75MonocompISO 976
Viscosity1200MonocompNF T 76102mPa.s





























LYNDCOAT™ BR1214 a reactive single release inside paint for tire makers™-BR1214-a-reactive-single-release-inside-paint-for-tire-makers.aspxLYNDCOAT™ BR1214 a reactive single release inside paint for tire makers












Lyndcoat™ Tire release™-Tire-release.aspxLyndcoat™ Tire release








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